New York Giants Nickname Their Secondary After ‘New York’s Finest’

New York Giants Nickname secondary after New York's Finest!

New York Giants Nickname secondary after New York’s Finest!

New York Giants’ NYPD Squad

The New York Giants nicknamed their secondary after a bold police related theme after they claim to “handcuff” their opponents’ quarterbacks.

The New York Giants, commonly referred to as “Big Blue,” stayed true in using Blue references while coming up with the defensive team’s nickname. Several members of the team’s secondary acknowledged the nickname “NYPD” as being a fitting acronym for the squad, based on their powerful play in 2016. The reference relates to the defense’s ability to shut down opposing teams’ passing, which is something the Giants excelled at by the end of the season.

According to the New York Daily News, Left Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said the creativity for the name began a few weeks ago. Strong Safety Landon Collins credited Right Cornerback Janoris Jenkins (who is also know as “Jack Rabbit”) for coining the unit’s police-inspired nickname.

Landon Collins was quoted by the NY Daily News saying, “Really it started with Jackrabbit, shutting the best receivers down since we’ve been playing each and every game, and then from that point on we try to keep the quarterbacks from throwing under 300, 400 yards passing.”

Landon Collins credited the fans for coming up with the secondary’s new nickname and was also quoted by the NY Daily news when he said, “We (were) just trying to figure out what to call our group and they came up with it. We stuck to it. (Cornerbacks) coach (Tim) Walton is the one that brings the name up all the time and we just stuck with it. Call ourselves NYPD. It’s cool, yeah I like it,” said Collins.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was quoted saying, “They call us NYPD. I just go with what they go with.” He then went on to describe the cohesiveness and camaraderie of the players on the defensive squad saying, “We’ve got a great group of guys. I’ll tell you man, this secondary group keeps me young, man. We’ve got a lot of funny individuals back there, man, and on top of that you’re winning, so it’s just been real fun.”

The New York Giants finished the regular season 2nd in the NFL in scoring-defense at 17.8 points per game. It appears the Big Blue are adequately patrolling the backfield and that’s resulting in more than one quarterbacks hands being cuffed by the members of this NYPD squad.

Regardless of who created the New York Giants nickname, or how it came about, I’m honored that this group of professional athletes not only included police in their nickname, but also embraced an acronym that represents all the men and women of “New York’s Finest.” For that, I say thank you to the New York Giants “Big Blue,” and the members of the team’s “NYPD.”

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