NYC Corrections Officer’s Dangly Bits Attacked By Captain, Sending Him To Hospital

Corrections Officer Mike Lynch was injured by Captain Shaseannia Pittman.

Corrections Officer Mike Lynch was injured by Captain Shaseannia Pittman.

Corrections Officer Mike Lynch Injured – Captains’ Association President Says Training Is Useless

New York City, NY – Correction Officer Mike Lynch received some painful on-the-job “training” last week and had to seek medical treatment for an injury to his dangly bits.

The training occurred inside a training facility on Rikers Island known as the West Facility, according to The New York Daily News.  It is part of a settlement agreement from a class-action lawsuit, and is “designed to reduce attacks by officers against inmates.”

Captain Pittman and other supervisors were receiving three days of training.  She had asked to be excused from participating in the training repeatedly.

Officer Lynch was demonstrating how to get out of a chokehold that Captain Shaseannia Pittman had him in, when she became ‘agitated’, and ‘yanked’ at his crotch.  Multiple other officers who were present for the training witnessed the incident.  Officer Lynch had to go to a hospital for treatment.

Patrick Ferraiuolo, President of the Correction Captains Association, said “They should never have had a male staff member touching a female or vice versa because only bad things can come of it.”

He said, “The academy needs to get up with the times.  If they are going to do simulated self-defense moves and be physically touching one another, they need to do it by gender.”

Despite what Ferraiuolo says, same-gender-only self-defense training is not normal.

Ferrariuolo continued to be vocal in his criticism of the training and said, “The training that they are giving is kind of ridiculous.  You can’t teach somebody a martial arts move by going to the academy for three days and expect them to apply that. Martial arts is taught over years. It’s really a total waste of time.”

Yes, he said that teaching corrections officers self defense is a waste of time, and is blaming the injured officer for trying to teach somebody of a different gender. Somehow this guy was not only promoted to captain, but is the president of the Captains’ Association.

It sounds more like these paper pushers are just cranky that they have to do some real corrections training. Disgraceful.

The Correction Department had no comment.

We hope Correction Officer Lynch gets well soon.