Multnomah County Sheriff Orders Removal Of ‘Offensive’ Blue Line Flag From Employee Breakroom

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese ordered the removal of a pro-law enforcement flag from an employee breakroom.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese ordered the removal of a pro-law enforcement flag from an employee breakroom. (not the flag pictured)

Thin Blue Line Flag Removed By Sheriff For Being ‘Offensive’

Multnomah County, OR – Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese recently removed an American Blue Line flag from an employee breakroom after it was deemed “offensive.”

The flag came from Police Memorial Week held annually in Washington, D.C.  It has great significance because it stands for all fallen police officers, according to the Willamette Valley Lodge #7.

They said that it “represents all of the sacrifices that law enforcement has made, and our brothers and sisters who have laid down their lives.”

(Warrior 12 has currently discounted their light-duty flags and heavy-duty flags.)

The flag hung at at unknown date by an unknown person in the corrections officers’ breakroom at the Multnomah County Courthouse.  That breakroom is for employees’ use only, and public access is not allowed. Its current location, and who took it down is also unknown.

Sheriff Reese ordered the flag be removed because it was “offensive,” according to Oregon Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7. The Lodge said that it had received complaints from its members about the flag being removed.

In its August 23 message, the FOP said, “Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese recently ordered that this Law Enforcement Memorial Flag be removed from an employee breakroom because it was offensive. The Sheriff’s actions have since sparked outrage, with many finding his conduct offensive.”

In response to the FOP’s post, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said in the comments section that “The US National Flag Code guides our display, and forbids alteration, of our Flag. While we always honor our fallen law enforcement officers, it’s important that we do so in County facilities in a manner that doesn’t violate any established protocols. Sheriff Mike Reese strongly supports our law enforcement officers and has spoken publicly of their courage, integrity, and commitment to service.”

In reply, the Oregon FOP said “Breaking News: Not all Sheriffs agree with the opinion of the Multnomah County Sheriff.”

We’ve had numerous discussions about the American thin blue line flag with various veteran and law enforcement groups. Each group we spoke with unanimously agreed that the flag was effectively a different flag than the American flag, and not an alteration. On social media, some individual veterans continue to disagree, and they do not like the blue line flag.

Claims that the blue line flags alter the American flags are also common among Black Lives Matter supporters as a way to attack law enforcement.


Now in order to keep some unknown person from being offended, the Sheriff has offended many law enforcement officers in the area.

When Blue Lives Matter spoke with the Lodge, they said that they had no prior notice that the flag was going to be removed, and that perhaps being upfront, having some type of advance notice, and discussion about the reason might have been more appropriate.

They added that it was sad that deputies and officers didn’t get the support they needed from citizens but moreso from one of their own, and that this doesn’t need to become common practice.

Sheriff Reese was not immediately available for comment.

  • Brent Jensen

    Is it just me or are there more and more retarded people in positions of authority? (Note: I mean retarded in the sense that people are born with out birth defects but some how seem to get progressively stupid as time goes on.)

    • Aztec01

      ‘Retarded’ does a disservice to developmentally disabled. I believe in this instance, with this individual (Reese), a better term would be ‘corrupted’.

      • JS

        Ballless is the term you are looking for.


          Nobody walked in there and and put a gun to his head & said, ” Take it Down “, did they…!

    • igrowl

      Maybe he had a lack of oxygen at some point that killed a bunch of brain cells.

  • JS

    It is not an American flag you idiot Reese it is a flag representing all fallen Police officers. YOU Reese are a POS.

    • Highest common denominator

      It most certainly is an American flag. Why would the Blue Line flag have stars and stripes? Are those significant to Blue Line somehow, separate from the US?

      • JS

        Do you think lines and bars are only applicable to the USA flag? It was designed to show unity between the police. The stars represent the police in the whole country not just in the loser Reese’s county. Do you see any red stripes on it. Not even close to a flag of the USA and if you think so you are probably one of those that think it should be taken down. 🙁

        • Highest common denominator

          Let’s go deeper.

          Stars and bars are not exclusive to the US flag by themselves.. But in THIS design, it is direct reference to the American flag.

          And 50 stars represents what, exactly? 50 police officers? 50 units? Tell me, please.

          • JS

            You are too dumb to even try to explain it to.Were you there when the flag was designed? Do you know what was in the designers minds? 50 stars represent the LEO of all 50 states does not have to be representative of the USofA flag. You have the last word as that seem to be your intent and you are too stupid to learn. You are probably the idiot the complained about it. OUT

          • Highest common denominator

            So this flag shouldn’t bother you then.

            You’re right, they’re both fine.

          • That other guy

            If the blue lives flag isnt allowed, the first responders patch should be removed too, right?

          • Highest common denominator

            What does it look like?

          • Sober Progressive

            It looks like you are an idiot!
            Fact is, you are.

          • Highest common denominator

            Nice add to the conversation. So, what does the patch look like?

          • Sober Progressive

            It looks like your an idiot!

          • Highest common denominator

            I’ll let you figure out what you did wrong.

          • Sober Progressive

            You will show me how much of a Racist you are, that’s what you will do.
            After all, the Grammar Police are the Racist according to your village elders.
            But, there isn’t anything new about Progressives being racist or bigots.
            Which you have shown all over this page.

          • Highest common denominator

            Lol, how is that true? I’m not racist.

          • Sober Progressive

            Yes, you are. Your homies set the standard.

          • Highest common denominator

            My “homies” set the standard, huh? Shit, you’re right! Maybe we could change that by not continuing to call each other early 90s slang! No wonder we got weird looks.

          • Sober Progressive

            News flash, you get weird looks because you are weird, don’t confuse yourself.

          • JS

            Watch out Sober Progressive, he is on the grammar/spelling patrol and he caught you using your instead of you’re. This only proves he has nothing of substance to add.

          • Sober Progressive

            Actually, he shows everyone how much of a PC Clown he is. He can’t even get over his own bigotry. It’s ingrained in his soul, or should I say sole? ROFL!

          • Treadingjello

            This flag doesn’t bother me either. If you want to ‘go deeper’, then let’s just point out that it’s a heck of a lot more likely that even were this flag you posted to offend someone, they’d be much more likely to simply ignore it, rather than demand its removal due to offense. That’s the difference between someone like me and someone like you. A difference you deliberately persist in pretending you don’t grasp. So really, what’s your point, Lowest?

          • hwy505

            Nope – it doesn’t bother me – its still not a US Flag.

          • kgolfinghawaii

            This clown you’re replying to is an anti anything that shows common sense. He’s a clown on each and every response he gives. He’s an arrogant agitator.

      • hwy505

        Dude – you’re brain dead.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      You know i’m tied of this bull shit . Your Reese is stupid this i thought was AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE

  • Pushed to the limit

    Rip the tin from this snowflake. A disgrace to all of us who walk/walked the thin blue line.



  • Highest common denominator

    Of course it should be taken down. It’s an abomination to the American flag.

    For those that think it’s not, why would the Blue Line flag have stars and stripes? What significance does it hold for Blue Line?

    Changing the color of a flag does not mean it’s “significantly changed.” if that were the case, I’d be able to sell a green McDonald’s emblem and not get sued.

    • JS

      You are as ignore as can be if you do not know what the blue line represents. Geez people like you are stupid.

      • Highest common denominator

        I know what it represents, and they have another flag that doesn’t disrespect the American flag. Why not post the all black one with the blue line in the middle? Then you could complain all you want that this guy doesn’t support this site.

        But he clearly stated why he took it down. It’s an unclever play on the American flag.

        • Everett Thrall

          You know Mr. Denominator – I have to admire your tenacity……and I respect your opinion and your right to post it to the public!!! But it is odd that the majority of people on this forum seem to think you just full of sh#t!!! Have a wonderful day fella!!

        • AzArtyMarine

          Then the subdued flag on tactical uniforms of the military and police should be offensive because the color has been “significantly changed”. I am not offended by it and I have worn both uniforms. There are many more things happening out there that you should be upset about. A flag design honoring LEOs shouldn’t be one of them.

          • Highest common denominator

            The flag on a uniform is tactical. You have Marine in your name, you should know this.

          • AzArtyMarine

            Thanks for reiterating what I said. You missed the point.

          • Highest common denominator

            Your point suggests people can’t worry about more than one thing. There are big things to worry about, but within a cop’s world, maintaining uniform standards should be a big deal. Like it is in the military, or any other profession with a prescribed uniform.

      • Highest common denominator

        Proofread and try not to use the word “geez” when calling someone else stupid.

        • JS

          I love it, when you have nothing else intelligent to say it goes back to the spelling and grammar. GEEZ you people are stupid. LOL

          Geez, Less common spelling of jeez

          —used as a mild oath or introductory expletive

          • Highest common denominator

            I’ve already made my points. And you’ve added nothing of worth to the thread.

          • JS

            You have made no points other than to show you are a ignoramus. fun to laugh at you though.

          • kgolfinghawaii

            You never add anything of worth to the conversation. By the way Grammer asshole, look back up at one of your posts. No one born after the 70’s has no idea….lmao. It’s any idea. You are one of the most arrogant jackasses I have ever read on any comment section. You must have a hard on for cops or you’re just a groupie or worse yet you couldn’t get hired because you couldn’t pass the psych test.

    • Kram

      Environmentalists use a green stripe version of the US flag with a peace sign in the stars area. Don’t recall anyone being “offended”

      • Highest common denominator

        No one’s offended because no one born after the 70s has no idea that flag exists. I looked at it and I think it’s also an abomination of the American flag, but at least they added their own symbol in the open field area.

        The blue lives flag creators couldn’t even bother to put a police shield or something. Instead they kept 50 stars. What the hell does that mean to cops specifically? Besides, they have a perfectly suitable flag that doesn’t rip off an existing flag. The all black with a blue line in the middle doesn’t look like any other flag.

  • Steve Crabill

    Why is it that only one side has a right to be offended? He cares nothing about how removing the Blue Line Flag offended many people. Where is it written that anyone has a right to be free from offense?

  • joe m

    Let me ask you this…If that break room is not open to the public…How would black lives matter know about the flag to know if it was coming down or not…If the room isn’t open to the public how would they even know about the flag…Very telling statement about that sheriff’s office…Raises lots of questions

  • Doug Packer

    At least they know for sure that he won’t support them and not to trust him.

  • Steven D. Pike

    This conflicts me. I do not know if I should support or oppose the blue line flag. What is the sentiment out there? I want to support fellow LEA’s, but I do not want to violate the flag code.

  • MR Mr

    I live in portland and this flag is actually outside the courthouse and it was taken down. One of the idiot county comisiners said it was disrespectfull to people of color and wanted it taken down. This country is under atrack by the hysteria of liberals and someone needs to push back and say stop before people on the other side decide to push back against this madness

  • Sandra Ruble Kirksey

    How disgusting of the Sherrlff to take the
    Flag down. Show more respect for fallen officers and current officers. After all it was in the break room.
    So you think black lives matter more and their flags can be displayed
    I am the widow of a former officer that put his life out there fo 31 years and am saddened by your decision.

    • Highest common denominator

      Quit with the dog whistling.

  • Highest common denominator

    If the current Blue Line flag is okay, this one should be as well. It looks nothing like the American flag.

    • rbdthnfngfnh

      if that was the flag, it would’ve never been taken down

  • Douglas Henderson

    Remember, it is not whether it is right or wrong, whether it is legal or not, it is a matter of Political Correctness. Screw the law, do what the politicians demand, they got you into this mess and they will watch Rome burn!

  • disqus_Cc20uRF6eN

    WTF is O F F E N S I V E about it?

  • Everett Thrall

    No problem…….The sheriff removes the flag from the break-room ——-citizens REMOVE the sheriff from office!!!!……Surely this idiot MUST be a Democrat!!

  • Dennis Tague

    Oregon, AKA Northern California.

  • hwy505

    This is NOT a USA flag, this is a BLUE LINE FLAG that is Black, Grey, and blue. Idiots that say this is a US flag, are just that. So what you are saying is that any flag that has stripes, stars, and the likes is a US flag? Idiots!

  • Jean E

    Sounds like this “Sheriff” needs to go back onto foot patrol and refresh himself on real police work.

  • Mahakala

    What a pathetic POS.

  • rbdthnfngfnh

    Commie coward is doing cowardly commie shit. That marxist stooge represents the county well.

  • grandmother5

    I find the sheriff offensive. He deemed it “Offensive” now this was in the break room. Who was offended by it? Only employees in their break room. I hope he gets fired or if he’s up for reelection vote him out. He does not deserve to serve with the officers. Much less wear a badge.

  • L84Cabo

    Sheriff Reese is an idiot…and a coward.

  • dan

    I have one on my shooting box. People at the ranges here in NC know what it is. My curbs are painted BLUE. My neighbor flies this flag. Goes nicely with my national ensign, USMC flag and POW MIA flags. This sherrif should be ejected by organizations and asap the voters!

  • tcurry

    Even the public support the blue line. This Sheriff is an ignorant ass.

  • steelers01

    Reese needs to be terminated and jailed for not doing his job and protecting illegal aliens. Its WAY PAST time to make these liberal scumbags pay for their thumbing their noses at US immigration LAW!! Arrest and jail them for a minimum of 5 years…….in a cell with Bubba the rapist.