City Of Modesto Sells Fallen Hero’s $9,000 Police K9 For $1

Modesto Police K9 Ike will be saying with his family.

Modesto Police K9 Ike will be saying with his family.

Sgt. Pershall’s Family Allowed To Keep K9 Ike

Modesto, CA – The city of Modesto decided that a fallen officer’s family needed his K9 more than the police department needed the $9,000 investment in the K9.

Modesto Police Sgt. Mike Pershall was off-duty when he was killed in a traffic crash.  He was bicycling near his home on Tuesday, August 22, when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Matthew Gibbs, according to the Modesto Bee.

Gibbs was arrested at the scene, and is pending charges of homicide and DUI.

Sgt. Pershall was 38-years-old when he was killed, and left behind his wife Christine, and two sons, one in junior high, and one in high school.

He had just been promoted to Sergeant on August 8, and had been K9 Ike’s handler for two years.  Sgt. Pershall was mourned by his department, who described him as a “born leader” who was passionate about his community.

Sgt. Pershall was also a Field Training Officer, and Modesto Police spokeswoman Heather Graves said that he “led by example and was a positive role model for the new and young members of the department.”

The city of Modesto has invested $9,137 in K9 Ike, a Belgian Malinois.  He is just three-years old, and an expected K9’s career usually lasts until they are about eight-years-old.

After Sgt. Pershall’s death, Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll asked the Modesto City Council to consider “the human factor,” according to WMTW.

He said, “It is not a good deal for the Police Department to lose the dog.  But there is also the human factor of, you have a wife and two kids who just lost their dad, and that’s the family dog. What is the right thing to do?”

The city council agreed on Tuesday, October 3, and K9 Ike will be retired.

He will then be sold to Sgt. Pershall’s family for the amount of $1, and will remain with the family for the rest of his life.

  • ProUSAProGOD

    It’s great to see kindness in a gradually darkening world, shining like a lit candle at night.


    Kudos to the City Counsel of Modesto for their humane decision to place fallen Sgt Pershall’s K9 Ike where he rightfully belongs, the Fallen Sargent’s Family….A part of the Sargent will live with his Family for many years to come….Rest in Peace Sarge..Ike will be very taken care of and Loved by Your Family….!

    • ProUSAProGOD

      Ike will be able to (in the place of his beloved human partner) guard the family at night. He will also serve as a furry handkerchief as needed. In exchange, like you said, he will be loved and well taken care of for the rest of his life.


        Sargent Pershall would have wanted it that way….I’m still amazed though…There must be some really caring decent people on that City Counsel……!

  • AR_Hacker

    kudos to the Police Chief and the City Council.

  • Betts700

    Thank you to the City Counsel of Modesto for your generosity and your compassion for Sgt. Pershall’s family. God bless Sgt. Pershall’s family during their time of grief. Thank you Sgt. Personally and K9 Ike for your dedicated service.

  • Deny

    God Bless them all….

  • Sandy Wolf

    TY Modesto City Council.

  • Thomas Delellis

    Well thats just the right thing to do

  • Marie Parish Weathers

    How about we start a fund so the PD can replace Ike with another dog? I live in the city of Clearlake and volunteer at CLPD. If I have a place to send a donation, I would like to start the fund. Not rich, retired. livng on Social Security, But will send a check for 25.00 to start the fund. Just let me know if you want to run with this idea. e mail

  • Calistress

    This is not ok. This dog is a dangerous weapon that will likely maim and kill someone in the community.