Major League Baseball Player Anthony Varvaro Becomes Police Officer

Anthony Varvaro left professional baseball to become a police officer.

Anthony Varvaro left professional baseball to become a police officer.

MLB Player Anthony Varvaro Joins Police Force

Former Major League Baseball relief pitcher Anthony Varvaro went from making millions as a professional athlete to serving his community.

On Friday, Anthony Varvaro, 32, was one of 80 officers who graduated from Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police academy. Varvaro will sever with the Port Authority Police Department, patrolling the ports and transit systems.

Varvaro is a Staten Island native and played baseball at St. John’s University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

The Seattle Mariners were the first MLB team to pick up Varvaro, followed by the Atlanta Braves, and finally the Boston Red Sox. Throughout his career in baseball, Anthony Varvaro made over $2 million before finally retiring due to an arm injury.

Anthony Varvaro isn’t the only sports star to get into law enforcement. Many professional athletes have decided to serve their communities after retiring from sports. NBA legend Shaq has been serving on and off in various volunteer law enforcement positions since his retirement, and was recently sworn in as a Clayton County deputy.

These heroes are a great example of people who really care about their community, rather than the over-privileged anti-police professional athletes who use their platform to criticize law enforcement.

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