Pro-Trump Marchers, Anarchists, White Nationalists Scuffle At Minnesota Capitol

Three groups are squaring off at the Minnesota Capitol - Trump supporters, white nationalists, and Antifa

Three groups are squaring off at the Minnesota Capitol – Trump supporters, white nationalists, and Antifa

Three Groups In Minnesota Capitol Standoff; Pro-Trump, Antifa, And White Nationalists

St. Paul, MN – Three groups are squaring off at the State Capitol as pro-Trump marchers, anarchist, and white nationalists all showed up to a scheduled pro-Trump rally.

A pro-Trump rally was scheduled Saturday at the Minnestoa State Capitol. In response, Anarchist organizers with Antifa sent out news releases claiming that white nationalists were gathering, and put out a call for anarchists to respond.

Actual white nationalists also got the message, and showed up in support of their racist brethren who were not actually associated with the pro-Trump rally.

A patriot from the pro-Trump group set an example for all future rallies when he confronted the white nationalist group, saying, “Please go away. We have nothing to do with you guys,” according to Star Tribune.

A white nationalist responded, “Excuse me, sir, we support Trump, and we have a right to be here too,” highlighting an ongoing problem with white nationalists infiltrating pro-Trump rallies.

As the pro-Trump group with was inside of the Capitol building, the white nationalists were stuck outside with Antifa, resulting in scuffles that were broken up by Minnesota State Patrol.

Inside, the pro-Trump group was seen complaining about both groups.

“I will admit since Trump took office there’s been a push for white supremacists. I just don’t know where everybody tied in Trump to racism,” one speaker said, according to Stephen Montemayor with Star Tribune.

I will be continuing to follow the event, as I continue to cover anarchist attacks and unrest HERE.

You can see videos of the incident below.

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