Pro-Trump Marchers, Anarchists, White Nationalists Scuffle At Minnesota Capitol

Three groups are squaring off at the Minnesota Capitol - Trump supporters, white nationalists, and Antifa

Three groups are squaring off at the Minnesota Capitol – Trump supporters, white nationalists, and Antifa

Three Groups In Minnesota Capitol Standoff; Pro-Trump, Antifa, And White Nationalists

St. Paul, MN – Three groups are squaring off at the State Capitol as pro-Trump marchers, anarchist, and white nationalists all showed up to a scheduled pro-Trump rally.

A pro-Trump rally was scheduled Saturday at the Minnestoa State Capitol. In response, Anarchist organizers with Antifa sent out news releases claiming that white nationalists were gathering, and put out a call for anarchists to respond.

Actual white nationalists also got the message, and showed up in support of their racist brethren who were not actually associated with the pro-Trump rally.

A patriot from the pro-Trump group set an example for all future rallies when he confronted the white nationalist group, saying, “Please go away. We have nothing to do with you guys,” according to Star Tribune.

A white nationalist responded, “Excuse me, sir, we support Trump, and we have a right to be here too,” highlighting an ongoing problem with white nationalists infiltrating pro-Trump rallies.

As the pro-Trump group with was inside of the Capitol building, the white nationalists were stuck outside with Antifa, resulting in scuffles that were broken up by Minnesota State Patrol.

Inside, the pro-Trump group was seen complaining about both groups.

“I will admit since Trump took office there’s been a push for white supremacists. I just don’t know where everybody tied in Trump to racism,” one speaker said, according to Stephen Montemayor with Star Tribune.

I will be continuing to follow the event, as I continue to cover anarchist attacks and unrest HERE.

You can see videos of the incident below.

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  • Nick Fury II

    Another act of violence brought to you by the name Trump.

    • Greg Miller

      How so? please tell/show me how trump supporters were violent here?

      • John Smith

        The Trump supporters were not and they certainly could have been violent. A group of 30 Trump supporters were surrounded by 300 communists and were not allowed to enter the Capitol by the communists. So instead they stayed outside so as not to cause any problems. Also, because one of the communists manipulated a Trump rally organizer into denouncing the alt-right Pro-Trump because one of the people there threw up a Nazi salute and yelled Hail Trump as a joke at the Communists who were shrieking about “No Borders, No Nations, More Immigration” and other communist garbage.

    • RobertM320

      No, another act of violence brought to you by the communist Antifa group. White nationalists wouldn’t have been there if Antifa wasn’t. They’re responsible for what’s happened in Berkeley, Portland, New Orleans, and what’s happened overseas recently. Its why the US needs to declare them a terrorist organization ASAP. If you don’t think they’re a problem, take a look at their flag and compare it to pre WWII Germany fascists. The flag on the left is 1933 Germany, on the right is Antifa

      • Nick Fury II

        Still white on white crime.

        • John Smith

          There was no crime there, other than a communist beating up and pepper spraying a pro-Trump Jewish veteran. I was there.

          Don’t even get me started on black on white vs white on crime statistics.

          Let’s just say it isn’t a coincidence that the prison system is filled with blacks and Hispanics.

      • John Smith

        “If you don’t think they’re a problem, take a look at their flag and
        compare it to pre WWII Germany fascists. The flag on the left is 1933
        Germany, on the right is Antifa.”

        No, the flag on the left is the pre-WWII Germany Anti-Fascists who had absolutely nothing to do with the German National Socialists. In fact, the German Anti-Fascists terrorized and assassinated many National Socialists and the National Socialists did the same thing right back at them. Communism is NOT Fascism. Communism is totalitarian leftist globalism; fascism is totalitarian right-wing nationalism. The Fascists in Germany were the National Socialists. That flag on the left was the flag of the enemies of National Socialism. The enemies of National Socialism are anarchism and communism.

    • Nodem2010

      Bull. It’s about time You get back what you give!

  • informativex

    Antifa is Hillary’s “Resist” movement idiots. If you lock her up and throw a few more dozens of the Antifa hoodlums in jail awaiting trial this will wind down nationwide. Continuing to allow her to do the talk-show circuit calling for “resistance” is just asking for more and more of this escalation. LOCK HER UP ALREADY!

    • informativex

      This was a local small time debate and problem until Hillary’s Antifa people showed up by the busload like throwing gasoline on a fire.


    Most of what I’ve seen of these so called “white nationalists” are actually just nationalist who are sick of everyone blaming white people for all of the worlds problems. I’ve never seen them endorse violence towards anyone besides self defense. They support Law Enforcement and can’t be that good at “white supremacy” when the ranks are full of Asians, Latinos and some African Americans.

  • Todd

    Tow all of the buses away and make ANTIFA walk home!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Julian Odinson

    I am alt right. I am Pro cop and anti-hate… but I do believe that race, statistics, and demographics matter.

    Either cops are racist, laws are racist, or there’s some other reason a demographic which is 12% of the population commits 50% of murders.

  • AndreaNY

    Look up white pride, back pride, asian pride, mexican pride, latino pride.. go ahead. If blue lives matter does not catch up will not bother with their posts . We have groups openly calling for the demise of whites around the globe, so what do you want whites to do?

  • AndreaNY

    Like to include that Antifa has made it very public they are anti-white so spin it any way you want they are a hate group, as are the black lives matter who also have called for the white race to be exterminated.