Milwaukee Riots Break Out After Officer Involved Shooting

Milwaukee Riots

BREAKING– Police shot and killed a fleeing suspect earlier today in Milwaukee. The suspect was a black male. Members of the community have begun to riot. The Police Department and Sheriff’s Office are responding to the violence.

An unoccupied squad car was set ablaze, and another had almost its entire windshield smashed in. One officer was taken to a local hospital and treated for injuries received due to a brick being thrown through his squad car window. The brick struck him in the head. His condition is unknown at this time.

A BP gas station has also been set on fire, but the Milwaukee Fire Department is currently unable to extinguish the flames due to rioters firing shots at first responders. There are also reports of a Jet Beauty Supply, and an O’Reilly Auto Parts store on fire. According to the Milwaukee County Law Enforcement police channel, responding police and firefighters are being pelted with rocks and other objects.

Milwaukee Chief Flynn was just featured in the video that we covered yesterday in which he speaks about the violence in the city.

A video has surfaced showing a vehicle on fire (the video is not of the best quality, but the man filming the video states it is a squad car). The video appears to be from Frank Nitty II who recorded the video using Facebook live. You can also hear in the video the crowd stating “hey shoot at they ass fuck it!” (referring to the officers) then gunshots erupt. It is unclear if the gunshots are from law enforcement, or from civilians that are standing near the scene. The man filming the video states “the fuckin police shooting at us…on my momma…fuckin live bro.” The man then starts laughing shortly after. You can also hear bullets exploding in the squad car that has been set on fire. “Come kill me on Facebook live bro” the man also states. Other protesters can be heard in the background taunting the officers trying to clear the scene. Shots fired are still being reported through out multiple parts of the county at this time.