Microsoft Bans Cop From Xbox Live For Using Police Photo – Gives World’s Worst Customer Service Response

A police officer was banned from Xbox Live for using a photo of a police officer.

A police officer was temporarily banned from Xbox Live for using a photo of a police officer.

Officer Suspended From Xbox Live For Photo Of Police Officer

A police officer was surprised after his Xbox Live account was recently suspended by Microsoft for the Gamerpic photo he used. The photo that got him suspended was of a police officer holding a folded flag.

As if the account suspension wasn’t insult enough, when the officer tried to contact customer support, their response was even worse.

The officer posted to social media:

“So last night Xbox Live decided to enact enforcement for having this as my gamer pic. I tried to find out which rule it violated with a customer service representative. That met with the last message he sent me basically stating to avoid this don’t post any photo of police or military related to avoid this further.”

He included screenshots which not only show the ban, but his interaction with customer service.

The customer service rep told the officer that not only would they not allow him to appeal his suspension, but that he should avoid any more police or military related photos to avoid a further ban.

“Thank you for your kind understanding. I really understand that you want some clarifications with regards on your suspension about a police holding a flag. However, you can only get in touch with the Enforcement team by submitting a case review on them. Since your suspension is only 24 hours, You are not able to file any case review with regards on the Gamerpic about the police. I do recommend that you refrain from putting any police or military photos to avoid this happening again.”

Xbox Live is a paid service which allows games to be played online. A suspension renders some online games unplayable.

Considering the number of police officers and military service members who use the service to decompress, you’d expect that the company would be more appreciative.

We reached out to Microsoft about this incident. UPDATE: Microsoft has given an official response. Full update on the Xbox Live police ban HERE.