Man Kicks Michigan State Police K9 Otto In The Head, Meets The Jaws Of Justice

Michigan State Police K9 Otto.

Michigan State Police K9 Otto.

Criminal Mastermind Kicks Michigan State Police K9 Otto

Detroit, MI –  Michigan State Police K9 Otto is giving new meaning to doing your job well.

According to Detroit Free Press, in December, 2016, K9 Otto found more than 1,000 opioid pills during a traffic stop on I-75 south of Detroit.  In January, 2017, he found $13,000 hidden in a secret compartment in a drug dealer’s car.

On Wednesday night, February 15, 2017, at about 10:00 PM K9 Otto chased a fleeing suspect from yet another freeway traffic stop.  This incident occurred on I-94 in Detroit.  He then dove under a parked van where the suspect was hiding, only to be kicked repeatedly in the head by the suspect.

And what did this K9 hero do?  Lieutenant Mike Shaw, Michigan State Police, said that he did “exactly what he was trained to do.”

“Otto bit the suspect in the left shin and gained control of the suspect,” said Lieutenant Shaw. That was exactly the opportunity that Troopers and officers were waiting for, and they began trying to handcuff the suspect.

The suspect, who was not identified, continued to resist arrest and officers had to pepper-spray him.  He was then successfully taken into custody and is currently in the Detroit Detention Center.

None of the Troopers and Officers were injured, and Otto was no worse for the wear.

Good job, K9 Otto.  We’re proud of you.

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