The Daniel Holtzclaw Case With Michelle Malkin, “But What If He Didn’t Do It?”

Exploring the Daniel Holtzclaw case with Randy Sutton and Michelle Malkin.

Exploring the Daniel Holtzclaw case with Randy Sutton and Michelle Malkin.

This weeks episode of POLICE RADIO THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND BLUE LIVES RADIO features an interview with New York Times Best Selling Author and award winning Investigative Journalist Michelle Malkin whose two part series regarding the conviction and 268 year prison sentence of former Oklahoma City Police Officer, Daniel Holtzclaw. In this episode Michelle Malkin asks, “But what if he didn’t do it – any of it?”

This racially charged case became one of the most politically sensitive prosecutions in Oklahoma history. But what if Oklahoma City Police Officer, Daniel Holtzclaw didn’t do it? This is the question and topic of the hard hitting interview where Michelle Malkin reveals how inconsistencies and possible prosecutorial misconduct may have sent an innocent Police Officer to prison.

On year ago today, former Oklahoma Officer Daniel Holtzclaw had an emotional breakdown that went viral, but not in a positive way. Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted on 18 of 36 counts of sexual assault-related crimes against eight black females, four of which are convicted felons, for which he received a conviction consisting of 263 years in prison.

Michelle Malkin, an award winning investigative journalist, has been deeply involved in the story of Daniel Holtzclaw,. In this weeks episode of ‘Police Radio’ with host (Ret) Lieutenant Randy Sutton, she provides details of the Daniel Holtzclaw case that many local journalists in the Oklahoma area refuse to cover. Michelle Malkin asks the tough question, “But what if he didn’t do it – any of it?”

Michelle Malkin went further explaining her views about this case on her blog and said,

To the casual observer, Holtzclaw’s tears looked like the tears of a man sorry he got caught.

But I am no longer a casual observer. For the past several months, I’ve reviewed extensive court records, accuser testimony, and discovery documents, video and audio. I visited the alleged crime scenes. I interviewed the two lead detectives who constructed the case against him, along with local community activists, a top DNA expert, Holtzclaw’s family and friends, and Holtzclaw himself.

The truth about the Holtzclaw case is that a monstrous miscarriage of justice has occurred in the courts of law and public opinion. Just raising the possibility of his innocence has caused an angry backlash. Last week, social justice activists forced a billboard company in Oklahoma City to yank an advertisement for my new investigative web-based TV series on the case for that simply asked: “What if he didn’t do it?”

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In his “View From The Blue” Show Host Randy Sutton blasts the Department of Justice, and State and local Prosecutors who are using law enforcement prosecutions as political tools and personal agendas.

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