Girl Missing For Over A Year Found Alive, 31-Year-Old Creep, Michael Wysolovski, In Custody

Michael Wysolovski (right) was arrested for the abduction of Hailey Burns (left.)

Michael Wysolovski (right) was arrested for the abduction of Hailey Burns (left.)

Hailey Burns Recovered Alive, Suspect, Michael Wysolovski, In Custody

Duluth, GA – Hailey Burns, a teen who had been missing for over a year, was found alive Sunday morning. 31-year-old Michael Wysolovski is in custody for charges relating to her disappearance.

Haily Burns had vanished from her home in Raleigh, North Carolina May 22, 2016 when she was 16-years-old. After she disappeared, her parents learned that the teen had met a man online, and her parents found a diary that detailed a plan to run off with him.

“He gradually wormed his way into her good graces, he coerced her into listening to him and not following our directions and the next thing I knew my daughter wasn’t communicating with me,” Hailey Burns’s father told WBTV.

Hailey, reportedly has Aspergers syndrome, which affects her outside social interactions. IJR reports that in the weeks before she disappeared, she started wearing pigtails and using a pacifier. After she went missing, her parents found messages on Hailey’s phone from the suspect asking her to call him “daddy.”

Hailey’s abduction led her father to issue a warning to other parents, “If there are parents out there who think that their kids are above this, or that they are somehow smarter than everyone else, they need to wake up. My daughter had a 137 IQ, very intelligent.”

A Special Agent in Charlotte learned of information which resulted in the FBI locating Hailey in Michael Wysolovski’s home in Duluth, Georgia.

Hailey Burns was reunited with her family at an undisclosed location in Georgia. Her father issued a brief statement asking for privacy for their family.

The FBI and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will be continuing the investigation into her disappearance.

No information has been released at this time about Michael Wysolovski’s criminal history or pending charges.