Michael Brown Sr. Calls Out Black Lives Matter

michael brown sr

Michael Brown Sr, Father Of Michael Brown Destroys Black Lives Matter

Michael Brown Sr., the father of Michael Brown Jr, had some very harsh things to say about the Black Lives Matter movement during a speech at Chattanooga State Community College. Michael Brown Sr. was at the campus to speak about the Michael Brown Chosen For Change Foundation he created to support families that fall victim to violence.

Officer Darren Wilson was forced to shoot Michael Brown to protect his life when the violent criminal attacked him in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. Afterwards, the media painted a picture of Michael Brown as a good kid, who would never attack a police officer. This was despite the fact that Brown had just committed a felony robbery moments before he was contacted by Officer Darren Wilson. This false narrative helped spark the Black Lives Matter movement, which is based on falsehoods, such as the innocence of Michael Brown.

During his speech, Michael Brown Sr. touched on his son’s death. “Everyone was a teenager at some point, and everybody did crazy stuff and they try to find their way. Sadly, his way was taken before that Monday, when he would have started college.”

While it appears that he falsely paints his son as the victim of police brutality, there were some powerful things he said that we can’t argue with. Michael Brown Sr. referred to Black Lives Matter as “thieves in the night” for profiteering of the death of his son. He described Black Lives Matter as a for-profit organization that cared little about their cause. He stated that he opposed the group. He went on to talk about the riots saying how no one should have to experience the violence they caused. It was the actions of the rioters which led to the police and National Guard’s response. “Nobody sees that except people in Iraq.” Brown Sr.’s comments are in sharp contrast to those of Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, who incited rioting and was caught on video telling Black Lives Matter, “Burn this motherf*er down” and “Burn this bitch down.”

He closed his speech with powerful words that we can agree with, no matter how you lost your loved one. “I want everybody to close your eyes just for a second, and just imagine someone you love, your son or your daughter, that you will never see them again. Imagine not being able to kiss them, touch them, hear them, smell them, not even able to just get in a car with them and hear them say, ‘I love you, Dad’ or ‘I love you, Mom.’ That’s my reality.”

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