Mexican Smugglers Built Catapult Into Side Of Border Fence

A catapult was found flinging drugs over the border fence.

A catapult was found flinging drugs over the border fence.

Mexican Drug Smugglers Unsuccessfully Resort To Catapult Drugs Over Border Fence

Tucson, Arizona – Well, it seems Mexican drug smugglers are feverishly working on methods to get their product to the United States and will continue to make attempts even after The Great Wall of Trump is complete. But if a primitive catapult is the best that they can do, the smugglers are in for some problems.

United States Border Patrol agents recently discovered that a catapult had been attached to the Mexican side of the fence and was used to sling drugs across to the U.S. Two bundles of marijuana that had been hurled over the border fence using the catapult system were discovered on the American side.

A statement released by on the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website said that on February 10th, U.S. Border Patrol agents from Douglas Station, Arizona were patrolling an area east of the Douglas Port of Entry when they observed several people on the Mexican side who quickly fled when they approached. When agents arrived to the area in which the individuals were observed, agents found a catapult system installed on the south side of the fence. Upon further investigation, agents found two bundles of marijuana that had been catapulted over the wall from Mexico.

Border agents contacted Mexican authorities who performed an investigation on their end. Agents removed the catapult and it was seized by Mexican authorities. U.S. agents seized the marijuana which weighed more than 47 pounds total.

The statement went on to say that, “U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials welcome assistance from their law enforcement partners in Mexico, as well as U.S. citizens who often report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol.”

President Trump was elected with a heavy emphasis on border security. He’s become an outspoken advocate for the men and women in law enforcement, including those who protect our borders.

The President has been bashed by the news media for many positions in which other administrations from both parties had shown similar support, including the need for secure borders. Not an unreasonable demand considering the state of affairs regarding threats of terrorism and the constantly changing tactics in which drug smugglers use to put their product into the hands of Americans; the source of so much violence and loss of life in the inner cities.

If smugglers are resorting to such rudimentary, primitive and inefficient methods such as a catapult over the current fence, maybe President Trump’s idea of a more secure border is already working.

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