Mayor Tony Guzman Calls Officer Names After Shooting


Mayor Tony Guzman Calls Officer F****** Piece of S*** After Shooting

Wapato, Washington – The town mayor of Wapato, Tony Guzman, isn’t shy when it comes to talking trash about officers who are cleared in justified shootings.

On July 31st two Yakima County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call for a domestic disturbance which ended in a suspect being killed by Deputy Michael Campos. The two officers arrived on scene and got into a struggle with Mario Martinez Torres. Campos and the other officer were unable to get Torres under control using a Taser and physical force. Torres wrestled the Taser away from the other officer, fired it at the officer, then turned it towards Campos. Campos fired his duty weapon, killing Torres.

Campos remained on leave while the top federal prosecutor for Eastern Washington went over the investigation of the shooting and deemed it justified. To bring charges against Campos under Washington state law, the prosecutor must be able to prove that an officer acted in bad faith and with malice, neither of which Campos did.

The Mayor of Wapato, Tony Guzman, has his own opinion of the matter. Guzman, who has never acted in any official capacity as a law enforcement officer, stated in an angry Facebook comment that the shooting was murder and that Campos was a “fucking piece of shit”. Guzman says he doesn’t regrets posting it.

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The Yakima Herald reports that when Chief of Police Dave Simmons told the angry mayor that he was putting Campos back on the streets, the mayor replied that that “was a big mistake”. The mayor also stated in his Facebook comment that he is a long time friend of the family of the man shot by officer Campos.

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