Video Coverage Of Monday Night May Day Riots 2017

May Day riots erupted in major cites.

May Day riots erupted in major cites.

Monday Night May Day Riots

May Day riots on Monday resulted in officers across the nation being attacked with bombs, glass bottles, cans of Pepsi, bricks, and sticks. Here’s how the riots across the nation went:

Seattle May Day

Normally the nation’s biggest hotspot for rioting on May Day, Seattle was unusually quiet. It appears that many of the anarchists were scared off by the fully-prepared police force and decided to go to Olympia. Overall there were five arrests and the police were arresting everybody they saw breaking the law. The arrests came as anarchists clashed with Trump supporters and included:

A 26-year-old Olympia man for attempted assault

A 30-year-old Olympia man for unlawful possession of a weapon – a fixed-blade knife.

A 51 year-old Colorado man for obstruction

A 27-year-old Seattle man arrested for obstruction

And a 19-year-old Seattle man, arrested for misdemeanor theft after he stole another demonstrator’s flag

Olympia May Day Riots

Rioting in Olympia briefly got out of control. Anarchists were expected to have a presence, but they formed up and started rioting before police were able to get on scene. 75 anarchists showed up and started rioting, smashing windows and attacking 9 officers. 9 of the rioters were caught and arrested.

Some local homeless men didn’t take well to the anarchists rioting in their city, and they pelted them with rocks until police moved in and pushed them out.

The rioting continued as the police pushed them through the city.

The police were able to confiscate weapons from the 9 arrestees:

Los Angeles May Day Clashes

Anarchists attacked a pro-Trump rally in LA, resulting in multiple scuffles between the groups as the anarchists continually attacked, striking the Trump supporters, and throwing paint filled condoms at them. The groups started separated with the anarchists harassing a black Trump supporter, calling him an Uncle Tom.

One of the anarchists got arrested for illegal burning (of an American flag.)

Tim Pool recorded a Trump supporter getting ambushed and attacked as he was separated from the group:

Portland May Day Riots

Anarchists in Portland turned a march into a full-on riot. The march contained a large number of children being pushed by their parents in strollers, which the anarchists used as a shield, knowing it would delay a police response. The permitted march had their permit pulled by the city as the officers were getting pelted with molotov cocktails, rocks, glass bottles, and a medic was hit by a full can of Pepsi.

The officers repeatedly issued dispersal orders to give peaceful marchers and people with children plenty of chance to clear out. This gave the anarchists more time to attack police and build a bonfire in the middle of an intersection. The officers finally rushed in, put out the fire, and started arresting people. The officers pursued the anarchists through the city, arresting every anarchist they could get their hands on, and most of them were cleared out within an hour. A total of 25 anarchists were arrested.

New York City May Day

Multiple scuffles broke out and NYPD arrested multiple people for disorderly conduct during an Antifa march. NYPD was not allowing the anarchists to wear masks, which helped keep the situation calm

Paris May Day Riots

Worth noting because the riots in Paris were worse than anywhere in the US, with officers being set on fire. Even prison guards rioted for better working conditions and attacked the police.

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