Orlando PD Provides Details On The Capture Of Cop-Killer Markeith Loyd

Details about the capture of Markeith Loyd.

Details about the capture of Markeith Loyd.

Details Of Markeith Loyd’s Capture

Orlando, FL – Orlando Police Department provided details on the capture of cop-killer Markeith Loyd, who was found while wearing body armor along with multiple firearms and ammunition.

The nine-day manhunt for Markeith Loyd came to an end Tuesday when Orlando Police Department announced he had been captured in an abandoned house in West Orlando’s Carver Shores. We reported that breaking announcement here after the Orlando Police Department posted a tweet.

Not long afterwards, videos began surfacing on social media of police escorting the cop killer into the police station with obvious injuries to his face. Markeith Loyd was handcuffed and wearing a gray t-shirt, red pants as he whined to the cameras saying, “They beat me up. They beat me up.”

Loyd failed to mention that he resisted arrest, after exiting the vacant house wearing body armor and holding two firearms, one that had a 100 round drum.

In a press conference, Orlando Police Chief John Mina addressed the cop killer’s injuries saying, “The injuries looked minor to me,” then informed the media that Loyd was receiving medical treatment, and was later transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he was quickly treated for minor injuries, and released to go back to jail.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Special Agent Danny Banks said that police learned that Markeith Loyd may be in a vacant home located at 1157 Lescot Lane, which was in close proximity to Raleigh Street where he was ultimately captured. Special Agent Banks said, “They spotted him, and about two dozen officers, deputies and state and federal agents surrounded the house, Banks said. That number quickly escalated to “several dozen. The reason for that is that we know what his propensity is for escape, for escaping perimeters.”

Orlando Police Chief said that Loyd first attempted to escape out a back sliding-glass door, before exiting the front doors wearing body armor with the two handguns in his possession. Chief Mina said that Loyd, realizing he was surrounded by police, threw down his guns, but began resisting arrest as officers began taking him into custody.

Markeith Loyd’s arrest occurred just hours after Orlando Police Chief John Mina announced that Loyd had been added to the U.S. Marshals Office 15 Most Wanted fugitives list. Chief Mina announced that the arrest did not come to fruition by way tips from the public, but instead it came as a result of “Great police work!

WKMG News correspondent Justin Warmoth posted a tweet of Chief John Mina flashing a smile towards the media after Loyd was captured. The tweet read, “@ChiefJohnMina all smiles after the capture of Markeith Loyd.”

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