Marilyn Mosby Claims To Have Started Conviction Integrity Unit, Which Was Created Before She Was Elected

Marilyn Mosby brags about her malicious prosecution of six Baltimore police officers.

Marilyn Mosby has taken credit for creating a special unit which existed before she was elected.

Marilyn Mosby Claims Credit For CIU

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has claimed to have created the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) for the Office of the State’s Attorney, but ProPublica reporter Megan Rose pointed out on social media that the unit was actually created by her predecessor.

The social media post was made on Wednesday, September 20, and was posted on the official Twitter account of the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City.  The posts were a back-and-forth conversation between Mosby and Megan Rose, formerly Megan McCroskey, who is a reporter covering the military for ProPublica.

In the conversation, Rose said that the report had good information but focused on what has gone right and that it was different from a “lessons-learned analysis of a wrongful conviction.”

Mosby replied and said to look at ‘our’ report.  She said “we have high standards and continue to sustain justice in Baltimore.”  She also included a link to ‘our’ article on the Conviction Integrity Unit, and included the page numbers that the article was on.

In that article, it reads, “State’s Attorney Mosby created Baltimore’s first Conviction Integrity Unit and tasked the new unit with investigating and prosecuting claims of wrongful conviction.”  The article goes on to describe in further details what the CIU is and who is now running it.

In another tweet, Mosby said, “…We created Baltimore’s first Conviction Integrity Unit.”  She also mentioned where statistics could be found.

And in another tweet, Rose said, “Read report as asked & noticed big factual error:  Baltimore State’s Atty Marilyn Mosby falsely claims she created city’s first CIU.”

She then said “It was actually created by her predecessor, Gregg Bernstein, years earlier, as you can see on the city’s web site.”

On that web site, from an article dated January 9, 2012, it reads:

“To mark the completion of his first year in office, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein reviewed early accomplishments of his administration, highlighting 15 new initiatives..To evaluate claims of innocence and error, we created the Conviction Integrity Unit. In addition to ensuring justice for those who have been convicted, the unit is also analyzing cases with an eye toward producing better prosecutorial practices.”

Rose also provided a second reference from the National Registry of Exonerations to prove that Mosby didn’t create the unit.

On that web site, it confirms that Mosby did not create this initiative, in a graph showing dates.

In response to Rose pointing out that Mosby is a LLPOF, Mosby said, “The unit was re-created and expanded. We added attorneys for the exclusive purpose of investigating these claims. That wasn’t the case before.”

Is this a move of political brilliance? Take something that already exists, “re-create it” then take credit for it. We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know