Black Lives Matter Activist And Cop-Killer Supporter Dr. Marc Lamont Hill To Speak At East Carolina University

Marc Lamont Hill will be getting paid a lot of money to speak at ESU.

Marc Lamont Hill will be getting paid a lot of money to speak at ECU.

Cop-Killer Supporter Marc Lamont Hill Is Being Paid A Lot Of Taxpayer Money To Speak At ECU

Greenville, NC –  East Carolina University is paying a large sum of money to Dr. Marc Lamont Hill as the featured speaker for their 2017 Martin Luther King celebration.  This is the same Marc Lamont Hill who is a Black Lives Matter activist and supporter of cop killers Mumia Abu-Jamal and Chris Dorner.

According to Hypeline, Marc Lamont Hilll was chosen by the ECU Student Activities Board and other student groups as the featured speaker.  His fee? Only $21,000. Jeanine Hutson, Interim Executive Director of Communications, Public Affairs and Marketing, said that the fee included travel and other expenses for Hill.

East Carolina University is a public university and is part of the University of North Carolina system.  The lecture is sponsored by the University’s Office for Equity and Diversity, and is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 7:00 Pm  on the ECU campus.

Marc Lamont Hill co-authored a book with convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, and referred to another cop-killer Chris Dorner as a “hero” on CNN.  He previously stated on Twitter and on CNN that “every 28 hours, an unarmed black person is killed by police.”  That fact was proven false by The Washington Post and Politifact, and Hill corrected what he had said.

During the 2015 Baltimore riots, Marc Lamont Hill said that the police force consisted of more than “a few bad apples” and that officers were really “an occupying force in the hood.”  He has also gone on record as stating that black people cannot be racist.

Not everyone at ECU is happy with the choice of Marc Lamont Hill as a speaker, especially representing Martin Luther King week.  One student, who requested confidentiality, said “I think it’s sad that ECU is hosting a man who advocates for convicted cop-killers on a day we celebrate the man who said that,  ‘Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’ Martin Luther King Jr would have scoffed at Marc Lamont Hill’s radical ideology. Perhaps they should host him for Malcolm X’s birthday instead of MLK day.”

An ECU professor, who also requested anonymity, said “I am very concerned. In my view, to invite someone who is known to espouse such beliefs is to suggest that ECU supports those beliefs.”  The ECU professor mentioned the well-publicized protest of the National Anthem, by members of the Marching Pirates in October, 2016.  19 members of the marching band took a knee during the National Anthem prior to the school’s football game on October 1. Since that time, ECU administration, leaders, and students have used social media as a forum to build strong relationships despite differences in political ideology, race, and gender.

It’s offensive that a man who openly supports cop-killers, violence, and the hate-filled rhetoric of Black Lives Matter is apparently being paid $21,000 of tax-payer money to speak at a public college.

On behalf of Maureen Faulkner (widowed by cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal) and all those who were affected by Chris Dorner’s rampage, we think they would be offended.  In a country already so divided, supporting a man who advocates division, encourages it, and teaches it, is not what a university should be offering for its students as a role model.  For that professor is correct – allowing Marc Lamont Hill to speak is stating that ECU supports his words and actions.  His speech needs to be cancelled and an appropriate role model and someone who Dr. King would approve of should be selected.

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