BREAKING VIDEO: Mandalay Bay Terrorist Attack Video – Attacker Opens Fire On Las Vegas Strip Concert With Fully-Automatic Weapons

Video shows terrorist attack at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.

Video shows terrorist attack at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.

Mandalay Bay Terrorist Attack Video

Las Vegas, NV – Video uploaded to social media shows the moment that at least one terrorist opened fire on a crowded concert at Mandalay Bay Casino on the Las Vegas Strip (video below.)

Witnesses report that somebody in an elevated position opened fire on the crowded concert with a fully automatic weapon.

In the video, you can hear what sounds like full-auto gunfire during a concert.

The concert continues for a few moments as people didn’t immediately realize what was going on.

Once people realized what was going on, the concert stopped and people started to flee as another volley of ammunition was unloaded on the concert goers. People begin to panic as a gunfire starts for a third time.

Witness report that a massive number of people, including police officers, are down.

This incident is still developing at the time of this writing.

Scanner traffic reports are that there are two shooters with automatic weapons. This information is based on a chaotic scene with a flood of reports and it’s unknown at this time if it’s accurate that there are multiple shooters.

News3 reporter Nathan O’Neal reports seeing multiple people loaded into ambulances.

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You can see the video which shows the moment that the attack starts. WARNING: Extremely disturbing video. Viewer discretion advised.

UPDATE: Multiple videos below. Adding more. We have one shooter down, but there’s still more shooting and unconfirmed reports of numerous officers down coming from citizens. All preliminary information.

UPDATE: Our police contacts in the area still don’t know of any down officers. Armed citizens possibly responding to the area creating confusion.

UPDATE: One officer reportedly shot in the neck. Status not known.

UPDATE: Per Metro: Two on-duty LVMPD officers were injured during the shooting. One is in stable condition after surgery and the other sustained minor injuries. At this time there is in excess of 50 deceased and over 200 injured individuals.