Two Suspects in Custody For Shooting Wildlife Agent Tyler Wheeler In The Face And Head

Amethyst Baird is one of the suspects in custody for shooting Wildlife Agent Tyler Wheeler.

Amethyst Baird is one of the suspects in custody for shooting Wildlife Agent Tyler Wheeler.

Amethyst Baird And Jeremy Gullette In Custody For Shooting Louisiana Wildlife Agent Tyler Wheeler

Morehead Parish, LA –  Louisiana Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Special Agent Tyler Wheeler was shot multiple times early Friday morning during a traffic stop.  Two suspects have since been arrested after a manhunt involving multiple agencies.

According to KNOE, 34-year-old Jeremy Gullette and 31-year-old Amethyst Baird were taken into custody for attempting to murder Agent Tyler Wheeler. They were caught driving a stolen white Jeep.

Agent Tyler Wheeler’s father, Darren Wheeler, said on social media that his son had been shot five times: twice in the arm, once in the shoulder, once in the jaw, and once in the left temple.  In Mr. Wheeler’s post, he also said that doctors have told the family that his son has all of his motion, that he can respond to commands, that he has answered some questions although he is “hazy”, and that the first 72 hours following the incident will be the most crucial.  His father also said in the post that his son’s doctor was  “very positive and excited about how good he is doing,” that he thought he would be fine, that the track of the bullet may not have done as much damage as first thought although it may have contributed to one lung being partially deflated, and that he will have surgery Sunday on his jaw.  The best news:  so far all scans show no brain damage.

Louisiana Governor John Edwards has reached out to Special Agent Wheeler’s family and offered to help in any way.  The investigation is ongoing, with evidence continuing to be gathered, all leads being followed up on.and both suspects being interviewed.  Special Agent Wheeler’s father also thanked everyone for their prayers and asked for continued prayers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Special Agent Wheeler, and to his family, both blood and blue.  We also send our gratitude to the second LDFW agent who responded to check on Agent Wheeler this morning and most likely saved his life, and also to all of the Officers who assisted in the manhunt to locate and arrest the suspects.

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