Los Angeles Rams Defensive Lineman Ethan Westbrooks Arrested On Five Felony Charges

Ethan Westbrooks has been arrested on five felony charges.

Ethan Westbrooks has been arrested on five felony charges.

Ethan Westbrooks Arrested

Bakersfield, CA –  Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Ethan Westbrooks, age 26, was arrested on Friday night, September 22.

The incident occurred on Interstate 5 near Bakersfield, according to MSN.  Police said that Westbrooks was stopped for speeding, and officers observed a handgun in the glove compartment of his vehicle while he was looking for his registration, according to ESPN.

The firearm was reported stolen in 2009, according to California Highway Patrol records, and was loaded with a “high-capacity” magazine holding a whopping 13 rounds of ammunition.

Westbrooks was arrested on five felony charges: receiving stolen property, carrying a loaded firearm, carrying a stolen loaded firearm, grand theft of a firearm, and possessing a high-capacity magazine.  He was booked into the Kern County Jail in Bakersfield, and has since posted bail.

His next court appearance is set for October 5.  Westbrooks said that he was unable to provide details about the incident because it’s “a pending legal action, but did say that it was “a bad situation.”

He said that he had talked to Rams Coach Sean McVay on Monday and was told that the team would support him.  He did practice with the team on Monday but his status for Sunday’s game is unknown.  The Rams recently granted him a contract extension through 2018.

Westbrooks was previously arrested in Sacramento on suspicion of domestic violence in March but was never formally charged.

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  • Don Sturn

    Another NFL player making the community proud and being a role model for young Black kids!

    • Patrick

      National Felons League?

      • Don Sturn

        Well said!

      • Alan Rascal

        More like Negro Felon League. After 45 yrs a Cowboys fan, DONE with anything & everything NFL! Lost interest forever. Cowboys half-assed it, standing arm in arm. With NO Hands over the hearts! No respect given, none returned. I don’t want to hear “I’m a racist’ crap either. Cut up 3 jerseys & tossed last night, all 3, black players. Just curious, how many black fans have jerseys of WHITE players? So who’s the real racists?

        • Jackie Frost

          Good for you!! Now that you have monday and Thursday nights, and sundays free, you should volunteer and help some Vets:-) Everything happens the way it should:-) Time to put our values into action

        • norinco

          Have to wonder how many blacks are standing up for the flag…..not many I bet….but then they are not very reliable to purchase tickets/ NFL wear either

        • Joseph B Koonce

          WOW! You are a dumb mothaphucka! PERIOD! SMDH

          • Smokey

            and you are a stupid niqqa

      • Mysteriously62


    • Dusty Lamps

      Tribal chieftain…prowling the night..

  • Janet Kso

    He is a big strong football player so why the gun? I guess it’s a good thing that they arrested him before he killed someone. Just another THUG.

  • VocalYokel

    I’m all for the apprehension and incarceration of these miscreants…but “a whopping 13 rounds of ammunition.” ?
    Who writes this stuff ?

    • ServantAvenger

      California has those pansy “high capacity” laws, remember?

      • Chris Leete

        Yeah every time I go out there for work I have to remember to pack only my Commiefornia legal magazines.

      • irish7_1sg

        Do you know if California makes an exception for law enforcement and federal agents? I’m thinking that every Military Policeman on a base there carried a 16 shot Beretta.

        • Munkymyk

          Yes, they do. Good enough for me, not for thee is the California legislature’s mantra.

    • Rich Evans

      It was a dig against new CA law that limits mag size.

      • Chris Leete

        Yeah the stolen gun was bad enough but why did he need those extra THREE ROUNDS ?

        • Obamie

          He was on his way to his drug supplier and felt he needed the three extra rounds.

        • palehorse58

          Hey you never know when 3 extra rounds might come in handy. We suffer the same bullshit in CT.

          • Alan Rascal

            I left CT after the re-registration BS in ’98. Paradise now!

      • Jim

        A federal judge issued an injunction against California’s high-capacity magazine ban in June before it was set to go into effect on July 1.

    • Phillip

      lol, agreed!

    • dan

      The number of rounds does not matter! People who know what they are doing can change magazines in about a second. Magazine capacity is a gun control red herring!

    • palehorse58

      What would they say if he had an extended mag that holds 30 rounds.

      • GI Joe

        Not very many handguns have 30 round magazines manufactured for them. Maybe Glock, but I can’t think of any others.

  • daddygeo21

    The team supports him? Why not withhold comment and let justice takes it course, then comment.

    • dan


    • GI Joe

      Because the NFL teams have become “social justice warriors” rather than being actual “professional athletes.”

  • Pamelita243

    Isn’t it amazing what the NFL is willing to overlook when it’s in their own best interests?

  • tim

    Well he ditn’t do nufin wrong !!!!

    • GI Joe

      Yep. He’s yet ANOTHER Dindu Nuffin!

  • Bud

    I read a list of pro football players being charged with felonies over the years, with a whopping total of 51 players. Some received a life sentence. Real role models!!! Wikipedia has the list.


      Doesn’t surprise me even a little bit…..Most of them are all thugs…Just rich thugs..!

    • richard scalzo
  • Phillip

    This is why #blacklivesDONTmatter. The NFL stance is a false narrative.

    • GI Joe

      Black lives DO matter. Just as much as White lives, Yellow lives, Red lives, Brown lives, and all other lives. I refer to “black li(v)es matter” as “black LIES matter” because that “organization” is based upon an urban myth that has been PROVEN, repeatedly, to be false.

      The NFL is not taking a stance, and that’s a major problem. The 200+ players that “took a knee” during the national anthem last week are basing their actions on false narratives presented by black racist, anti-cop, anti-American groups. A WONDERFUL example of “privilege” are these man-child instant multi-millionaires who make a living PLAYING A F-ING GAME! Of course, that’s all they’re qualified for, but still, to whine about being oppressed while being paid millions of dollars to PLAY A F-ING GAME is, in my opinion, the HEIGHT of hypocrisy. No one calls them out on this because the great majority of “players” are black.

      • Richard Holcroft

        Great post! Thanks.

      • Bob b

        You are right on point. Police are being assaulted and murdered at a record pace and these scum bags are kneeling down to insult them. I too am done with the national foolsball league. I know that if they now stand for the flag, it is because they are being forced to do it, nit because they love this country.

  • NewWest 123

    Does he kneel too? I bet he does!

  • Larry

    stolen gun the magazine is OK because he probably can’t count to 10 to know he had 13.


      lol….Good point…That being the case, I’m sure they will have to at least drop that charge…!

    • palehorse58

      I wonder how many rounds he had loaded backwards in the mag.

  • mac

    Money talks.That is why he is out playing with the team who said they are supporting this Thug.

    • palehorse58

      That’s the part that makes me wonder how the NFL ever got to where it is today. To support a felon is beyond comprehension.

      • GI Joe

        Technically, he’s not YET a felon. He was arrested on felony charges, true. But he has not YET been convicted.

  • KC

    California is to this guy is like Mexico to that marine, except he didn’t get to post bail…

  • Mrs. Chief

    “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now.’ Out. He’s fired. He’s fired!” the POTUS noted.

  • Mack Mckinney

    What excuss could he have?? Why is he practcing??

  • Rhonda Ludaescher

    Nice Roll Model for Our Children NFL..just another example where Morals need to be demonstrated by the NFL…along with Respect!

  • sleeper48

    Treat him like a white man, arrest him and charge him.

  • Steve

    Did he get out of jail in time to protest the police actions?

  • Bourgeois

    The NFL simply cannot be allowed to continue to turn a profit while they enable and engage in anti-American behavior. BOYCOTT. Don’t watch their games, don’t go to their games, don’t buy their merchandise.

    • William Denny Hix

      I don’t believe they are turning a profit. If I read an article correctly, and it is true, they are tax exempt as a non-profit organization. Those billionaire owners
      are just doing it as a benefit for the community. God bless their hearts!

      • GI Joe

        Right. Yeah, they are “non-profits,” yet they make BILLIONS annually. Untaxed! And the taxpayers of the cities where they’re located get the undesired privilege of paying about 70% of the cost of their new stadiums.

        • William Denny Hix

          I hope you understood my comment was sarcastic.

          • GI Joe


      • Munkymyk

        The NFL gave up it’s tax exempt status in 2015.

  • Austinniceguy

    Of course the team is standing behind him, they are a bunch of thugs. These are the idiots who are protesting that the white people are so bad to the black people. Why aren’t they protesting that they are also killing each other in record numbers? Don’t get me wrong, them killing each other doesn’t really bother me but if they want their stupid protests to mean something they should start by educating their own first.

    • Astroserf

      Great team that one. They “stand with their felon”, but kneel for our flag and National Anthem.

  • razorback715

    The judge ought to just sentence this clown to a tour of duty with the U.S. Marines. I’m waiting for the commissioner’s statement on this llittle bit of NFL and BLM pride.

    • GI Joe

      Oh, HELL no. Our military has ENOUGH problems without being saddled with idiots and fools like this. This is the type of self-centered jerk that gets people injured and/or killed.

      As a former US Army NCO, if this idiot showed up in MY unit in a combat zone, he would either do his job to the best of his ability or I’d bounce his butt out so fast his head would swim. And if he got ANYONE injured or, God forbid, killed, he would go out on a mission, but would not return and his body would not be recovered. I’d see to that.

      • razorback715

        Most likely you’re right. On the other hand he is probably stupid enough that he wouldn’t last 5 minutes on the battlefield. I do remember back in the early 60s a couple of guys I knew who were offered the choice of enlistment or jail by a judge.

        • GI Joe

          Until the mid-1950s that was a common practice. It was FINALLY realized that criminals were wholly unsuited for military service, mentally & emotionally, and usually wound up getting less-than-honorable discharges because they continued to be criminals while in the military. These judges THOUGHT they were providing an option for public service in a highly structured environment in which these criminals could “turn their lives around” while serving the nation and earning veteran’s benefits. It did not work out as planned in the majority of cases, and the military has since established strict qualifications, which include zero felony convictions, for eligibility for enlistment.

  • rufusprime99

    When this clown posts bail, before they let him out, they should make him stand at attention for the national anthem.

  • Curtis Scaglione

    Lets all take a knee for him, come on what do ya say?

    • GI Joe

      I’ll pass.

  • Brian C Mulligan

    I got the flag thing all wrong. I should be following the lead of geniuses like this.

  • WORSEKarma

    Anyone care to take a bet as to whether he misses a single game?

  • Anthony D Hurst

    Im sure he will spin it and say this proves his point on kneeling, bwahahahahahahaba!

    • Octonana

      That’ll be hard to do since he was stopped for speeding, had a loaded, stolen gun in the glovebox, and lived to tell about it with nary a scratch on him. But I’m sure he’ll try…..

  • vendome

    Why would anyone support the thuggery and felonies of the NFL players? Their arrest records are appalling on every sort of assault and law breaking imaginable. We have thugs demanding corruption without consequence.

    Role models for children? NO, NO, and NO!

    The press hides this – but the American people need to know the criminal histories of these NFL players.

    Read the following link to find how corrupt and awful these players are:


  • gunslinger97

    Another NFL victim of police brutality

  • Steve

    The NFL supports players who beat their women; feed live puppies to other dogs for sport; carry illegal firearms, but bust the balls of the one who salutes our flag while the others kneel or hold arms….

    NFL stands for National F—kheads League.

    Boycott watching Football or at least refrain from working any voluntary overtime for them.

  • duder1897

    So racist!

    • ti

      I don’t see where you get racist?

      • duder1897

        Someone said something so it has to be racist.

  • Obamie

    A team of thugs, will support him. That’s surprising.

  • William Wilburn

    An NFL football player is arrested an average of once every seven days.
    Once a week one of these “role models” is caught committing a major crime.

  • William Black

    Is he one that sat or stood?

  • antilib

    Trash doesn’t look concerned because he thinks the NFL will cover for him, like they have for so many in the past. This time may be different only because they antics of the NFL and NBA are under scrutiny. Otherwise we would likely never hear of it.

  • Howard Lee

    You can take the brother out of the hood, but the hood always remains in the brother.

  • Jerry Arthur Newcomb

    I dont watch the NFL anymore. GARBAGE!!!

  • Allen Connel

    Sad, poor fellow; bet someone did something to him and made him do that. Sad sad sad, they should let him go. Why should he follow rules and laws like the rest of us?

  • SadforCA

    Just another prime example of the thugs that the NFL caters to. Such an outstanding example for the kids that look up to them and want to be like them. Why is it that professional sports, especially football keep hiring these punks. It’s not like there are hundreds of good upstanding men out there that never get the chance to play the game professionally because these thugs are allowed to keep their jobs.

  • dan

    Character should be a requirement to play any professional sport. His career should be OVER!

  • Mourning Warbler

    What happened to 2nd Amendment rights? I wonder if there are others who own stolen guns but do not know it. This doesn’t look right.

    • ti

      He knew it was stolen don’t you think? Don’t all guns have to be registered? Betting his wasn’t?

      • Mourning Warbler

        Could have bought it from a friend of a friend. I have a friend who buys and sells all kinds of guns. I have no idea if he looks at the registration, which, I think, is the first step in helping an over-reaching gov’t seize guns.

  • palehorse58

    These are the ones the ones that feel oppressed. Makes you proud to watch them disrespect our Flag and National Anthem doesn’t it.

  • palehorse58

    Hey that’s great but did you know how to triple your income? Start charging for blow jobs instead of giving them away for free.

  • richard scalzo

    They wonder why they dislike law enforcement? so many have been in contact on the wrong side. any wonder they are known as the National Felons League???


  • Jack Hammer

    To be fair, the “loaded firearm” and magazine capacity charges aren’t crimes anywhere but Commiefornia

  • JWHacket

    It’s against the law to carry a loaded firearm in your glove compartment?

    • Munkymyk

      Is in Commiefornia.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Only Five Felony Charges?

  • Stephen Buza

    “…whopping 13 rounds…” Really? That’s whopping?

  • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

    Typical behavior from an entitled savage in the National Felons League.

  • Munkymyk

    Whoa, wait a damn minute. A black man, stopped for speeding, gun in the car wasn’t shot and killed? How can this be? Black lies matter says this can’t possibly happen! All cops have a quota for black motorists. Or so they want everyone to believe. Ignorant clowns!

  • Draco

    So basically he was busted for weapons charges that should never have even been a crime in the first place.

    • oscar1939


      • Draco

        That’s strike one not three!

        • oscar1939

          I feel the same way about many gun laws. But absolutely no sympathy on the stolen bit. And he deserves to be arrested for stupidity. He should know the gun laws in Ca.

          • Draco

            We don’t know if its stolen or if he stole it, if it was. It may just have the serial removed. That’s doesn’t necessarily mean it was stolen. And you and I both know that cops will just say any gun is stolen if the serial is tampered with because it looks good on paper.
            Laws concerning serials on guns are actually an infringement on the 2nd amendment, so I am not particularly worried them either. I kinda wonder why a guy with that kind of money would have a stolen or serial removed gun at all.

          • oscar1939

            Why? Because he is a stupid thug! As far as serial numbers go, there are many reasons for numbering. That is an argument you will not win.

          • Draco

            Don’t get me wrong…I don’t even like this guy. The look on his face make me automatically want to send him into the arena to be sliced and diced by gladiators. But the laws that will put him away will do worse more regular folks that just fall through the cracks.

  • Sue Bell

    This guy should get what Gangster deserve, NOTHING. He should have been fired when he was arrested for a domestic crime. I don’t care whether he was charged or not. Because he was guility of 5 felonies today, So he is no angel what other crimes has he commited and the NFL has covered for him FYI I don’t think he is stupid

  • Peekin-In

    OOPSIE !! Someone messed up big time. I wonder how that will play out…

  • bill budd

    Pillar of the community, right there.

  • JustMe

    Agree with all charges but the magazine capacity charge – lame!

  • sammyd35

    See the NFL thugs on http://www.NFLArrest.com

  • desertsaltydog

    He’s black so it’s not his fault because he’s oppressed !!

  • Ray Black

    What’s he gonna do with that in the car ?

  • Hal Lemoyne

    Philanthroping pillow of any thriving US community

    this is what’s being said about all nfl outstanding players

    arrested in a jail cell

    WELL the nfl spokes person that speaking for these muslim nfl players

    has no clue about the personal routey life lives of his own nfl players

    it seems

  • Brenda

    Poor oppressed football millionaire

  • Bob b

    And once again, his coach and the team is “supporting” him. He should be suspended/dropped from the team.

  • Liberal? Like Tom Jefferson!

    Here’s the thing:
    HOW MANY of the people on this forum ragging on Westbrooks, have in the past ranted and raved about California’s oppressive and totalitarian gun laws? Look what he’s charged with: possessing a “high-capacity magazine”? Isn’t that a crock of shit? Aren’t “We” (“we” being gun-owners and NRA members- which I am) opposed to that type of back-door gun control?
    Carrying a “loaded gun”? In about half the country- carrying a pistol in your glove box is OK, unless you’re a convicted felon.
    The “Grand Theft” charges? Good luck with that. Unless Cali has some very weird definition of “larceny”- NONE of those larceny-related charges (unless the “carry a stolen weapon” charge doesn’t require that he knowingly and intentionally possessed a stolen firearm- which I doubt) are going to go anywhere. A gun stolen 8 years ago? And they’re charging him with stealing it? Are they going to argue he stole it 8 years ago? Do they have any evidence linking him to the theft? Any evidence that he knew the gun was stolen?
    I was under the impression this page’s followers were LEOs- based on the comments, clearly not.

  • mccauley444

    All of that money and he needs to have a stolen handgun?

    The magazine charge is bullshit

  • Sbadge697

    Glad the team is supporting him, fans are are turning their backs!

  • norinco

    Them there “Racist” cops done pulled over another fine upstanding citizen…..just because he was black…they proceeded to trump up charges on him….

  • Hawkdriver1961

    This is why the NFL SUCKS! They pander to these overpaid spoiled brats that refuse to grow up, break the law and diss the fans that pay their salaries. This thug needs to be suspended until the police finish their investigation and the results published or charges filed. It amazes me these people will talk bad and disrespect their country while taking full advantage of the stardom they possess and suffer no repercussions of their actions all the while complaining they are oppressed! If it were you or I we would be canned or at the very least, suspended from work.