Wyoming Police Charge Logan Rogers After Baby Dumped In Landfill

Logan Rogers

Wyoming Police Charge Man After Baby Dumped In Landfill

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Police have charged a Wyoming man after a 13-month-old baby was dumped in a landfill. The body has still not been found.

On Friday police charged 23-year-old Logan Hunter Rogers, of Cheyenne, with manslaughter and reckless child endangerment after he admitting to dumping Silas Ojeda’s body in the trash. 13-month-old Ojeda had been missing since Wednesday. Rogers is the boyfriend of Ojeda’s mother.

Authorities report that Rogers drove the baby’s body to a community college and dumped it in a garbage container. Laramie County Sheriff’s Office searched Rogers car with a cadaver dog which indicated that there had been a dead body inside of the vehicle. Rogers was to appear in court on Friday but it was canceled after Rogers asked to speak with the detectives who are investigating the case.

Laramie County Sheriff’s spokesperson Captain Linda Gesell told local news outlets

His story is changing somewhat and that’s why they cancelled the court hearing today

Rogers admitted to investigators that he had disposed of the baby’s body at the Laramie County Community College. It was Ojeda’s grandfather who called police after realizing he hadn’t seen the baby since Saturday. When police questioned the mother, she stated that her boyfriend had given the child to a man named Santiago who wanted to take him fishing. She couldn’t even tell police Santiago’s last name or where he lived.

Logan Rogers has been charged with manslaughter instead of murder due to the cause of death being unknown right now. The body of Silas Ojeda has not been located. Authorities say that they will begin searching for Ojeda’s body on Monday.

Laramie County Sheriff’s spokesperson Captain Linda Gesell also stated

If the body is in the landfill, we have about a one percent chance but we are not going to give up on that. Our cadaver dog did hit on the vehicle that the child was transported in.

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