Local News Station Bashing Officer For a Quick Dollar

Local News Station Bashing Officer For a Quick Dollar

Spartanburg, SC – Local news station WSPA 7’s report is headlined “VIDEO: Upstate Officer tops 100 mph before crash”

WSPA 7 reports:

While in route, the officer drove over 100 miles per hour at times, passed cars on double yellow lines, and drove through red-light intersections. The officer had his lights on for the entire drive and had sirens on at some points.

Sounds pretty bad right? Officer travelling 100 mph and running into a vehicle, that must have killed somebody!

Except, the officer was only going around 10 mph through an intersection, in a marked patrol vehicle, with his lights and sirens on when the collision took place.

Comments from the public, including WSPA 7

Comments from the public, including WSPA 7 trying to justify the title


NEWSFLASH: It’s perfectly legal for an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens on to go 100 mph. 

After backlash from the public in their comments section, WSPA 7 changed the title, but we still know what you were trying to do…


Shame on you WSPA 7 for using the recent trend of police hate to generate views. This does nothing but throw fuel on the fire for a little bit of money.

Don’t worry officers, we here at Blue Lives Matter have your back when the mainstream media doesn’t.

Watch the horrific crash below:

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