Hero Down: Little Rock Police Sergeant Cedric Roy Dies After Short Illness

Sergeant Cedrick Roy EOW 09/27/2017.

Little Rock Police Sergeant Cedric Roy EOW 09/27/2017.

Sergeant Cedric Roy Dies

Little Rock, AR – Little Rock Police Sergeant Cedric Roy, age 37, died on Wednesday, September 27, after a short illness.

Sergeant Roy was attending an officer leadership course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in September when he began experiencing hip pain, according to the Little Rock Police Department’s Facebook page.

After he was given some tests, he was told he had angiosarcoma, a rare cancer of the inner lining of blood vessels.  Sergeant Roy was transferred to the UAMS Medical Center, where he remained for two weeks.

He died on September 27, just two weeks before his 39th birthday, and was surrounded by soldiers, police officers, and family members.

Sergeant Roy’s wife Heather said, “He just had a personality that I’m going to miss. He was care-free. He was absolutely goofy. He never took anything serious unless he had to, like work-life, but outside of that, everything was up for grabs. He wanted to have fun. He loved to laugh.”

He went back to college to finish his degree, then completed requirements for his master’s degree, and had just been accepted into a PhD program.

Sergeant Roy served as a police officer in various roles for about 10 years, including as a SWAT Team Sergeant and K9 Officer.  He also worked with at-risk kids in the OK Program, where he met Sgt. Willie Davis, who still tells stories of kids who were amazed that he could stand understand a basketball hoop and still dunk.

He also served as an officer in the Arkansas National Guard, according to KATV.

Heather Roy said that her husband wanted an education for his 10-year-old son, so she has set up a memorial college fund at First Security Bank in his name (the Cedric Roy Memorial Fund).

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Little Rock Police Sergeant Cedric Roy, both blood and blue.  Godspeed, sir, we will take the watch from here.  Thank you for your service.

  • ProUSAProGOD

    Rest in peace, Sergeant Roy. May your blood and blue families, and your comrades all find peace and comfort.

  • Deny

    How very sad. RIP Sgt Roy…prayers for you and to your family.


    He sounds like a really nice guy and a fine Police Officer..I’m sorry for his loss, however I do not believe in interracial marriages…….Period….!

    • Josie

      Aren’t you just a shining light? You could have kept that thought to yourself!


        I reckon so….!

    • kksign74

      Your first words were honorable, but your second remark too away their sweetness. His death had nothing to do with his marriage, interracial or not.


        You are entitled to think what you want, believe in what you want and voice your opinion about it, same as I am..We just don’t agree on this particular life style, however I do respect your opinion…….Have a nice day..☺.!

    • Troy S

      So you are a racist that feels the need to kick this fine lady and incredible soldier and policeman just days after he passed away? Why can’t you just move along with your pathetic life and have some respect for the people who are grieving this horrific loss. #racistliberalsreallysuck



  • Gobby Cow

    Wow two weeks from a hip pain to death! life is so fickle.

  • Sue Rawson

    what an absolute horrible loss…. I am so so sorry for your loss, Mam🤧… may he rest in peace…. for a job well done. 👮‍♂️💔

  • Arlene Kerrigan
  • Fran Leard

    So sorry for your loss. RIP sir.

  • Kennith Ballard

    Just so it’s clear Cedric was not only adopted but biracial. His mother was white and was adopted by a black woman!!! He was my family. Racist pos!!!

  • Matthew Ward

    Godspeed sir, FUAS! Lost my 28yr. old wife to Angiosarcoma 09-11-2013

  • Genie R Krivanek

    How heartbreaking! Praying for all who love him. It is just unbelievable that a young healthy man can get sick and die like this! Praying for family. Know they are devastated.