Hero Down: Hometown Hero Lieutenant John Cain Dies

Lieutenant John Cain lost a courageous battle with cancer.

Lieutenant John Cain lost a courageous battle with cancer.

Hometown Hero Lieutenant John Cain Lost His Battle With Cancer

Savannah, Georgia- Savannah–Chatham Metropolitan Police Department retired Lieutenant John Cain, who acquired worldwide fame in late 2015, has passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

This hero’s death did not come at the hands of a felon, nor did it come from some tragic accident that is unexplainable or unpredictable. This battle was from within. Lieutenant Cain suffered from pancreatic cancer, a battle which he lost early on December 4th. Cain wasn’t just a police officer in his local area, he was somewhat of a celebrity. In November of 2015, the then-Sergeant Cain was assigned a security detail at the Rock-N-Roll Marathon that was held in Savannah, Georgia. He was stationed near the end of the route where runners would pass him just prior to getting to the finish line.

As Sergeant Cain watched the runners approaching on Anderson Street he noticed one Runner, Robert McCoy, trip and fall. Sergeant Cain, other officers, and paramedics rushed to his aid. McCoy kept saying that he had to finish the race so then-Sergeant Kane, a 27-year veteran, asked if the runner needed help to which he replied, “yes.” Sergeant Cain put his arm around the runner and helped him finish the race. The runner, who was a cancer survivor himself, was running in honor of his father, who had died from the disease. Battered, bruised, and bleeding, Robert McCoy finished that race with Sergeant Cain’s help but little did anyone know the battle that Sergeant Cain was fighting himself.

Just one month later, Cain was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought the disease for just over 1 year before it took his life. He was honored as the 2015 supervisor of the year and was promoted to lieutenant just before his retirement in November 2016.

Lieutenant Cain’s son George announced his father’s passing by saying that he has moved on to a bigger and better place where pain and suffering is no longer a thing for him. May he forever be at peace and smile as he looks down and watches over us all. On Saturday, December 3rd the man that Cain assisted, Robert McCoy, ran in the Savannah Bridge Run. He donned a headband that displayed John Cain’s name in memoriam for the assistance that he was provided only one year ago.

Rest easy Lieutenant Cain, we have the watch from here.

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