Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student While Trial Was Pending For Sex With Another Student

Special education teacher, Laura Ramos, is accused of having sex with multiple students.

A special education teacher, Laura Ramos, is accused of having sex with multiple students.

Special Education Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Multiple Victims

Bridgeport, CT –  Laura Ramos has been arrested for having sex with a student while she was waiting trial for having sex with another student.

Laura Ramos, age 31, is awaiting trial on charges of having sex with one student.  On Wednesday, Aug 2, she turned herself in to police on new charges of having sex with yet another student.  Police have said that there are two more victims, and that more charges are expected, according to Fox News.

When allegations about the first student were reported to police, the special education teacher was placed on administrative leave by Central High School.  Ramos, a married mother, has since resigned.  The victims are reported to be four of her special education students, according to the CT Post.

The latest investigation and arrest came after allegations of her having sex with a student in Sheldon.  She has been charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault, and has been released on $50,000 bond.  Her lawyer, Edward Gavin, said that his client is innocent.

Ramos has been barred from contacting her victims under an order from Judge William Holden.  Her next hearing is scheduled for August 14 .

In a video-recorded statement after her first arrest, police said that Ramos admitted to having sex with the 18-year-old student “a handful of times”, between December 23, 2016, and April, 2017.  She also said that most of the time they had sex in her car.

On June 23, a second special education student came forward and told police that he had had sex with Ramos.  The unidentified student told police that he and Ramos had gone to a restaurant in Fairfield, had dinner, and then had sex in her car in the parking lot.

He also told police about an incident in April, where Ramos told him that her husband didn’t want to have sex with her.  He said that they went to dinner at a Fairfield restaurant, and then had sex in the restaurant’s ‘electrical room’.  He also said that Ramos texted him later and told him it was the best sex she had ever had.