Marcos Tulio Flores Shoots At Police In 90 Minute Low-Speed Pursuit, Then The Cops Unleash The Fur Missile

An LAPD pursuit resulted in the arrest of Marcos Tulio Flores.

An LAPD pursuit resulted in the arrest of Marcos Tulio Flores.

K9 Takes Down Attempted Murder Suspect Marcos Tulio Flores

Los Angeles, CA – Marcos Tulio Flores shot his sister-in-law and then later shot at police Monday night, but his violent rampage came to an end when the officers sent their K9 after him.

According to KTLA5 The pursuit began on Monday around 10:45 PM near Sherman Way and Wilbur Avenue in Reseda when gangbanger Marcos Tulio Flores fled from police. Flores was wanted for shooting his sister-in-law on Sunday. The vehicle got onto south 405 and led police on a 90 minute pursuit. During the pursuit, Flores drove slowly, shot at officers, threw objects at them, and waved his arms erratically. At time, Flores even stopped to taunt police before taking off again.

Finally, officers were able to PIT Flores’ vehicle, and box him in. When Flores refused to comply with the officers’ orders, they sent the fur missile after him.

Video of the incident was captured by KTLA 5’s helicopter:

Marcos Tulio Flores was taken into custody and no officers were reportedly hurt in this incident. Flores’ sister-in-law remains in critical condition.

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