LAPD Gun Battle; Officer Shot

LAPD was involved in a gun battle where an officer was shot.

LAPD was involved in a gun battle where an officer was shot.

LAPD Gun Battle, Officer Shot, Suspect Dead

Los Angeles, CA – Last night Los Angeles Police Officers were involved in a gun battle as they patrolled the Nickerson Gardens area on E. 11th Street and Antwerp Street around 11 p.m. The incident began when two officers approached a group near a housing project. One suspect fled and pulled a weapon, and a gun battle ensued. During the fight, one police officer was shot in the arm and the suspect was shot dead. Preliminary information is that the suspect shot at least 10 rounds at officers.

KTLA5 reports:

The mother of the suspect said her son was only running across the street when he was shot for no reason.

“The police killed my son for nothing. He was running across the street and they killed my son,” Lisa Simpson said through tears.

Simpson was likely not on scene, so it’s unknown if some sick individual lied to her about her son’s death, or if she’s just trying to gain money and attention for herself like the parents of Michael Brown. Despite the overwhelming evidence that the suspect had opened fire on officers, a group of protesters gathered to protest the shooting.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck is standing by his officers so far. On twitter he said:

Arriving shortly at the hospital to check on our injured #LAPD Officer and will get briefed on what took place in @LAPDSoutheast.

After meeting with injured @LAPDSoutheast Officer, I’m in awe of courage displayed.Expected to make a full recovery and in good spirits.

Initial accounts in @LAPDSoutheast suggest that our brave #LAPD officers endured a fierce gun battle requiring unwavering courage.

Thankfully, these heroes survived their encounter with a homicidal criminal. Well done officers. You deserve America’s respect.