Chicago Labor Day Weekend Ends With 65 Shootings, 13 Dead

Chicago Labor Day weekend Ends with 65 shootings, 13 dead

Chicago Labor Day weekend Ends with 65 shootings, 13 dead

Chicago Labor Day weekend Ends with 65 shootings, 13 dead

Chicago, IL – Chicago Police Superintendent: “It’s not a police issue, it’s a society Issue”

Here’s a mind blowing statistic for you: 500 people have been murdered in Chicago so far this year. Chicago Labor Day weekend left 65 people shot and 13 dead. This is just a sample of the staggering violence that plagues this great city.

Guess who did it? Not the police. Labor Day weekend marked one of the deadliest weekends this year in Chicago with 13 murders and 65 people being shot. This weekend pushed the number of people murdered above 500.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told reporters on Tuesday

“We need to enact tougher penalties, so these individuals know their actions will not go without consequences. Until then, you’re going to keep seeing the same results on the streets.”

Johnson stated that “Impoverished people, people without hope do these kinds of things.” The Chicago Tribune also reported that Johnson “acknowledged that the fallout from last year’s release of the Laquan McDonald video, and the amplified distrust between the police and African-American community, doesn’t make it easy for his officers.”

Johnson also talked about his officers: “Of course, they’re human. They’re people. So of course, nobody wants to be the next viral video. These officers have families to take care of too.”

It’s not just gang members killing each other though, one 47 year old man was out walking his dog when he was shot. Before he died from his gunshot wounds, he told police that he heard gunfire coming from a nearby vehicle before he was gunned down. Early on Labor Day police responded to the murder of an 80 year old retired pastor who had been shot in the face outside of his senior living home.

So far this year, New York and Los Angeles combined still don’t have as many murders as Chicago. Where’s the outrage? Where are the protests and riots? Perhaps Black Lives Matter should focus on these “impoverished, poor neighborhoods without hope” that Johnson is speaking of, before they blame the police for all their problems.