Kroger Response To Refusing Service To Police Officer

Kroger responds to refusing service to a police officer.

Kroger responds to refusing service to a police officer. (Flickr/Mike Kalasnik)

Kroger Response To Refusing Service To Police Officer

Kroger has responded to their employees refusing service to a police officer in Alexandria, Louisiana and Spring, Texas.

A Kroger corporate representative reached out to us with the following:

Please know that we are disappointed and sorry to hear about the incidents in Alexandria, Louisiana and Spring, Texas. We’re especially saddened by how this incident reflects on the 431,000 Kroger associates who work hard to serve every customer in communities all across America.

We want our customers, associates and the law enforcement community to know how deeply we appreciate and honor our police officers and the other first responders who put their lives on the line to keep us safe every day. We’ve taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again—and we are reminding associates that is our responsibility to honor our company values of Diversity and Inclusion and treating our customers with Integrity and Respect in every interaction, every day. Our goal is always to create a welcoming, hospitable environment for all customers.

The company also added the following:

In addition to great working relationships with our local police departments, our stores have a history of supporting police charitable and community events, including programs such as Kids Night Out and Shop with a Cop. And when tragedy strikes a local department, our associates and stores stand ready to assist with in-kind support and comfort. Our family of companies gives more than $50,000 annually to support local police organizations in these various ways.

We have yet not heard back from Pfc. Sabrina Farace or the police officer’s wife who was refused service.

The Pineville Police Department also addressed the incident:

Our Department learned through social media there was an incident at the Alexandria Kroger store where an employee refused service to an off-duty member of the Pineville Police Department on or about September 27, 2016. The officer was off-duty and wearing a T-shirt that was pro-Law Enforcement. The social media post indicated that the cashier noticed the shirt and asked if she was a police officer. The officer acknowledged she was an officer and was then told she could not serve her. The Officer wrote she spoke with a person she believed to be a manager, and when nothing changed, she left the business.

While the Pineville Police Department does not in any way accept the actions of this particular Kroger employee, the refusal of service appears to be personal in nature and not representative of the Kroger organization. The Alexandria Kroger store has historically been a strong supporter of local Law Enforcement.
This afternoon, I was able to speak with Management in the corporate office concerning the actions of the employee. I was assured this was an isolated incident, and that the store was investigating the employee action and would take appropriate personnel action.

It is disappointing that incidents such as these occur in a community that has shown overwhelming support for Police Officers, Firefighters and First responders. We are thankful Kroger has acknowledged the incident, condemned it and are following their procedures for personnel action.

Overall, we appreciate that Kroger is now be addressing the issue. They could have responded like Walmart and refused to acknowledge that any wrongdoing was done or that they took any action to prevent it in the future. Instead, Kroger has acknowledge the incident and assured us that they have taken steps to ensure that this won’t happen again. We do not believe that it’s necessary to ask any more of them except to ensure that they are more responsive in the future.

We think that Kroger has now addressed the issue as they should have initially. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.