VIDEO: Kristen Bell And Police Officer Provide Entertainment In Hurricane Shelter

Kristen Bell and a police officer helped entertain people at a Hurricane Irma shelter in Orlando.

Kristen Bell and a police officer helped entertain people at a Hurricane Irma shelter in Orlando.

Kristen Bell And Officer Entertain In Hurricane Shelter

Orlando, FL –  Kristen Bell is an actress, but she is also a hero, for braving the wrath of Hurricane Irma and bringing joy and hope to adults and children alike at an evacuation shelter.

The ‘Frozen’ actress was at an Orlando evacuation shelter during the storm, according to ABC7. She performed some of the songs that she sang as Princess Anna in the movie.

In per performance, she had two ‘back-up dancers’ who joined in:  a police officer named Richard and a fan named Rebecca.

The scene was captured on video (video below.)

Old fans were thrilled, and new fans were made.

But her selflessness didn’t stop there.  Her co-star in Frozen, Josh Gad, said that Bell “literally saved my parents and my entire family” after she put them up at her hotel.

Bell also posted on Twitter several times during the storm, including joking to her husband that she had found a “sidepiece”.  In a tweet to her husband Dax Shepard, she said:

She also had dinner with several senior evacuees at her hotel, and noted on Twitter that there were thousands of them there.

Bell isn’t just Princess Anna, she is an angel to these adults and children.

You can see the video of Kristen Bell’s performance with the officer below:

  • Rachel

    Awww! That was very sweet of her, and that officer is a great dancer, haha.

  • Jennifer

    Would Blu Life mutters talk about the 2 fallen New Jersey correction officers?

    Stephanie Meyer 45 senior guard at Bayside State Prison.
    Joseph Williams 43 senior investigator at Southern State Correctional Facility.

    • proteus

      I hope that was a typo and you are not using this comment section to grandstand.

      • Sam G

        When the cure for Stuck on Stupid is discovered, the first vaccine will be saved for Ms Jennifer.

        PS< Kristen Bell rocks. While so many Hollywood stars are fools, such as Jennifer Lawrence, it's nice to know that some like Kristen are hero's in my book.