The Bizarre Video of Korryn Gaines Traffic Stop; Tells Police That She Will Make Them Kill Her And…

The Bizarre Video of Korryn Gaines Traffic Stop; Tells Police That She Will Make Them Kill Her And…

The violent criminal, Korryn Gaines, has been portrayed by the media as a loving black mother who was killed over a traffic warrant. Gaines was actually killed in the middle of an attempt to murder officers. Gaines’ own video of the traffic stop which prompted the warrant shows that she was ready to force a deadly encounter. In the video, she repeatedly tells cops that they will have to kill her, and she coaches her 5-year-old to fight police and say that police are trying to kill them. Gaines then attempted used her children as a shield to prevent her arrest.

On Monday, law enforcement officers went to the residence of Korryn Gaines and Kareem Kiean Courtney to arrest them on separate warrants. Gaines had a warrant which stemmed from a traffic offense, and Courtney had a warrant for domestic violence against Gaines. During the incident, Courtney fled from Gaines’ madness with their 1-year-old.

Officers spent over five hours trying to de-escalate with Gaines after she pointed a shotgun at officers. Gaines was finally shot during an exchange of gunfire where she tried to murder officers. This video shows just what kind of person Gaines was.

Korryn Gaines was initially stopped for driving around in an unregistered vehicle with a cardboard sign that said, “Any Government official who compromises this pursuit to happiness and right to travel will be held criminally responsible and fined, as this is a natural right or freedom.” This is the same pseudo-legal talk of sovereign citizens, who believe that they can just choose to declare themselves to be outside of the jurisdiction of any laws. Many of these wackadoodles believe that they have the right to use deadly force against any officer who tries to detain them.

The officers in this video did everything reasonably possible to let Gaines go without arresting her, despite her committing multiple criminal offenses. Gaines repeatedly told officers that they would have to kill her while they tried to reason with her.

Gaines’ two children were in the back seat during the stop, and she ordered her 5-year-old to fight the police if they tried to remove them from the vehicle. Gaines saw that officers were going to remove her from her vehicle, so she loaded her children on her lap to use as human shields as she coached them to say that the police were there to kill them.

This glimpse into the mind of this violent criminal shows that she wanted to force a deadly encounter with police. When the officers attempted to arrest her on Monday, she got her wish. Korryn Gaines is only dead because she tried to kill officers. The police did not victimize her children, she did.