Hero Citizen, Kenny Franklin, Lifts Car Off Of Florida State Trooper

Kenny Franklin (left) lifted a car to save Trooper Jack Hypes (right.)

Kenny Franklin (left) lifted a car to save Trooper Jack Hypes (right.)

Kenny Franklin Lifts Car To Save Trooper Jack Hypes

Tampa, FL –  When Florida State Trooper Jack Hypes was pinned under a car on Thursday, June 29, a hero citizen ran to help, and lifted the vehicle off of him, according to Fox News.

The citizen, Kenny Franklin, was using Uber to get to work on Thursday morning.  During the trip, his Uber driver apparently suffered a seizure, on I-4 near I-275.  He said that the driver’s foot was on the gas pedal when the seizure occurred, and that he thought that his life was pretty much over.

Franklin was somehow able to get the vehicle to the side of the road, from where he was sitting in the back seat.  Then the Uber driver, who was not identified, came out of the seizure.  He said that the driver “didn’t know where he was at, so he tried to put the car into a gear, and so he’s fumbling with the car.”

He said that he jumped out of the car, and saw Trooper Jack Hypes walking toward him.  Franklin said, “He starts walking up towards me, to assist and assess the situation.  As he did that, the driver mistakenly puts the car in reverse and hits the officer, who is then pinned underneath the car.”

Franklin said that his ‘adrenaline was racing’, and that all he could think about was ‘that this needed to end well’.  He then used that adrenaline to lift the car off of Trooper Jack Hypes.

The injured trooper suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that ‘all three men will be okay’, and commended Franklin, who said he was in the right place at the right time.

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