Protesters Demand Justice For Kenneka Jenkins Who Walked Into Hotel Freezer And Froze

Video shows Kenneka Jenkins walking to a freezer where she froze to death.

Video shows Kenneka Jenkins walking to a freezer where she froze to death.

Kenneka Jenkins Protesters Still Demanding Justice

Rosemont, IL –  Public speculation and outrage about what happened to Kenneka Jenkins, age 19, has run rampant since her body was found inside a hotel freezer on Sunday morning, September 10.

After she was reported missing by friends on Saturday, and when her body was found, a social media ‘firestorm’ occurred, with many claiming that she died because of foul play.  As social media exploded, many speculated about what happened, and claimed that Jenkins was forced into the freezer and murdered.

Many people are blaming police, claiming that they must be involved in a cover-up.

Jenkins’ family has claimed that the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center is withholding video footage.  Protesters gathered outside the hotel on Wednesday, demanding justice and answers.

Her sister, Leonore Harris, thanked the protesters and said, “We ain’t gonna stop until we find out what happened to my sister.”  There was a second protest on Thursday evening, and police said that four people were arrested.

Newly released surveillance video shows Jenkins walking down to the freezer herself while seemingly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

That’s not enough for the protesters though, who are suggesting that the video just shows her going to the freezer, but the cameras don’t cover the door to show her going inside. Protests are still ongoing as people suggest that somebody could have found her outside of the freezer and then put her inside. No motive needed.

The incident began on Saturday night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, located at  5440 N. River Rd. in Rosemon, when Jenkins went to a hotel room party with friends, according to NBC Chicago.  An edited video apparently taken by someone at the party shows Jenkins drinking alcohol, and looking as if she may be impaired.

Holmes claimed to have seen the video at the police station that police have, and described Jenkins as “impaired.”   In the video, he said that Jenkins appears “lost” as she is seen apparently trying to find her way to the lobby, and then he said that eh video the police have clearly shows Jenkins walking into the freezer on her own.

Chicago activist Andrew Holmes was involved in the case at the request of the family.

Holmes said that Jenkins walked into an “unsecured” kitchen area located in a lower level of the hotel, and was checking doors when she opened the unused freezer door and walked in.  Jenkins’ family responded and challenged much of what Holes said. Her mother said, “I believe someone in this hotel killed my child.”

Jenkins’ body was found about 12:48 AM on Sunday.  Police have interviewed at least 12 people, and surveillance footage from 47 cameras and social media posts are being reviewed. They said they were still searching for four other people, but would not provide any further details.

In a press release, police said said, “Our detectives are working around the clock to identify, locate, and interview all persons who were involved.  Additionally, certain videos related to this investigation have been sent to specialized forensic technicians for further analysis.”

The Rosemont Public Safety Department said that the investigation is ongoing, and that the hotel was cooperating.  The Crowne Plaze Hotel has offered to pay for Jenkins’ funeral expenses.

A Crowne Plaza spokesman said that this was “a tragic accident.”

Jenkins’ family has been provided with a copy of the video. You can see the released surveillance video below: