Katy Perry Shares Delusional Black Lives Matter Holiday Shopping Picture

Katy Perry Supports Black Lives Matter

Katy Perry Supports Black Lives Matter

Katy Perry Shares Delusional Black Lives Matter Holiday Shopping Picture

Via Instagram – Katy Perry, another celebrity who uses their influence over millions to promote Black Lives Matter. Apparently saying something dumb or getting caught doing something stupid isn’t enough for celebrities anymore, now they need to openly support racist and anti-police groups like Black Lives Matter.

Katy Perry decide to financially support and share her love for Black Lives Matter with millions of followers on Instagram today. She posted a picture with what appears to be her holding up a Black Lives Matter shirt from a box that contains more Black Lives Matter shirts. This comes from the official Katy Perry verified Instagram account, and the post says “when your holiday shopping is woke af”.

When your holiday shopping is woke af ❗️ @blklivesmatter www.merchforthemovement.org

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Katy Perry has a history of supporting anti-police causes such as in 2014 when she tweeted to her 90 million twitter followers “Black Lives Matter” in the wake of Michael Brown being justifiably shot by Darren Wilson. She also tweeted in 2014 and said “If I could, I would be laying in those streets of NYC, peacefully protesting. WE HAVE TO CHANGE. ALL LIVES MATTER #WeCantBreathe.”  Earlier in 2016, she tweeted “Yes!  Everyone is getting in formation Black Lives Matter. Choosing to be silent in the face of such injustice is not an option.” In the wake of the justifiable killing of Alton Sterling by police she posted the video of the shooting from this past summer in Baton Rouge, with the tweet “You can’t just go on with your day, you must watch this & we must face this continual outrageousness #ALTONSTERLING.”

To say Katy Perry jumped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon would be an understatement, she was always on the bandwagon. Does she truly believe in their rhetoric or is this just another way of increasing her sales? In August, 2016, a well-known Black Lives Matter activist called out celebrities like Katy Perry, the Kardashians, and Chrissy Teigen  for “misappropriating black style and disrespecting the black community when they wear their hair in ‘boxer braids’, which seemed to be the rage in late summer for celebrities. Apparently the cause they choose to support does not reciprocate that same support. The activist said that the celebrities were making money off of “blackness” and they were no better than prison officials, racist judges, or corporations who make money off of the incarceration of black people.

Katy Perry is not alone – many other celebrities openly support Black Lives Matter even if they do not have any clue what it is about or what they stand for.

We are sad that celebrities with the power to make a difference, choose to support a group that actively mandates violence against police officers. We hope that this kind of behavior doesn’t instigate some misguided people to take out their misguided frustrations on any law enforcement officers. There have been enough injuries and death as a result of people buying into the anti-police mentality, enough is enough.

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