Colin Kaepernick Shows Support For Black Panther Party

kaepernick wears black panther

Colin Kaepernick Shows Support For Black Panther Party

While continuing his protest against winning, Colin Kaepernick showed his support for extremist black nationalism.

Colin Kaepernick wore a Black Panther Party shirt during a post game conference yesterday. Kaepernick told the press that it was a gift from his girlfriend, MTV host Nessa Diab.

To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t care less about what Kaepernick does. The only problem is that youth all over the country support and look up to Kaepernick, as you can see all over the news where high-school football teams are now kneeling during the national anthem. Supporting an anti-white and anti-police group doesn’t help anyone, especially America’s youth.

The new Black Panther Party, led by Minister Hashim Nzinga, has some very radical views. In one Youtube video posed by the New Black Panther Party, Nzinga states:

“They want me to come talk about killing some little funky ass white man in the trailer parks called police, riding in here from the country, riding around in your neighborhood harassing you every day. They aint worth talking about. That aint our problem, we could get rid of them overnight if we get our stuff together.” He goes on to say “We have a problem with killing each other, but the difference between us and them is they been the devil since birth, and they the devil today, and they the devil tomorrow, and they not going to change it’s they nature to kill.”

In the same video he goes on to talk about how white people are crazy because they have been killing each other since the dawn of time. Nzinga even reference the Flinstones as a point for how “crazy” white people are.

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