Kansas City Officers Shot At in Apparent Ambush Attempt

Kansas City police shot at

Kansas City police shot at (stock photo)

Kansas City Officers Shot At in Apparent Ambush Attempt

Just days after the shooting death of Capt. Robert Melton last week, Kansas City police officers were forced to seek cover again after shots were fired at them while on a service call near Quincy Avenue and Thompson Avenue.  The incident happened about 11:55 p.m. Sunday night.  Multiple shell casings were found in the street near Smart Avenue and Quincy Avenue, which is just north of where the officers were when the shooting began.

Kansas City Police Department is investigating if the initial call may have just been a set-up to ambush responding officers.

“We were walking down and I heard bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,” said Carol Hansen. “Four cops were running, had their guns out and said ‘Get down or go home quick, they’re on the loose!”

Neighbors in Kansas City’s northeast are startled and some of them caught portions of it on their cellphones.

“I hear like five gunshots last night and all kinds of cops,” Tammy Masoners said.

Thankfully, none of the officers were hurt. However, this hasn’t been the only time someone has shot at police since Melton’s death. Twice since then, someone may have shot at their officers. Both situations involved a motorcycle officer who was out helping with duties surrounding the shooting death of Melton. Investigators still don’t have solid physical evidence that the shootings occurred, but they are continuing to investigate.

“You know, definitely scary, we’re human beings. Human beings first, officers second. These officers acted courageously as our officers do each day. We’re thankful these officers are OK,” Kari Thompson with KCPD said.

Officers from all area departments were called to provide help and search for the suspects.  No suspects have been detained thus far.

As officers are becoming more aware than ever of possible ambushes, their response time to incidents will likely increase as they take the time to scout out the area before responding.