Officer Timothy Millard, Known For Service, At Center of Firestorm After Photo

Officer Timothy Millard set off a firestorm when he pointed at somebody in greeting.

Officer Timothy Millard set off a firestorm when he pointed at somebody in greeting.

Officer Timothy Millard, Known For Service, At Center of Firestorm After Photo

Officer Timothy Millard was on patrol on Friday when he saw a man outside of a barber shop who appeared to be waving at him. Officer Millard greeted him as he normally does with people, by giving him a pointing greeting to acknowledge him. The man took a photo of Officer Millard and posted it to Facebook with the words, “feeling threatened.” Social media lit up in a firestorm of outrage over Officer Millard’s gesture, saying that it was threatening.

Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley says that the situation is a big misunderstanding and that Officer Millard is known for greeting people in this manner. Many question this excuse, saying that nobody ever greets people like this.

President Obama is also known for this gesture.

President Obama is also known for this gesture.

The community is up at arms about this armed police officer using his finger as a weapon. Several Kalamazoo black leaders are calling for “accountability” for Officer Millard’s actions. County Commissioner Stephanie Moore is jumping on the bandwagon. “I think there has to be accountability,” she said. “I do hope (police internal affairs) will take a look at the incident, get feedback from the community, and engage us in whatever process that it will have moving forward, for not just this incident, but other issues within the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.”

Terri Walker practices poor muzzle discipline as she speaks out against Officer Millard's actions.

Terri Walker practices poor muzzle discipline as she speaks out against Officer Millard’s actions.

This isn’t Officer Timothy Millard’s first time in the news. He made news several months ago for helping resident Cetiana LaBarre when her rake broke. LeBarre called police due to a neighbor dispute after she was trying to use a broken rake to collect her leaves, but they kept blowing away. Officer Millard showed up with two rakes and raked up her leaves for her.

“I about dropped my…my mouth hit the floor; I was like, ‘wow,'” LaBarre said. “That was very nice, I am a middle aged woman, that was a lot of work, but it’s done and I’m happy, so, thank you officer.”

Cetiana LaBarre tells WWMT about how thankful she was for Officer Millard.

Cetiana LaBarre tells WWMT about how thankful she was for Officer Millard.

The entire situation appears to be based off of a misunderstanding, and at this point it would be unreasonable to believe that Officer Millard had any ill-intent. This situation should be able to be handled over a cup of coffee, but agitators are demanding that Officer Timothy Millard be thrown to the wolves.

Please show your support for this community hero.

  • tvonthebrain

    what a bunch of garbage… People are just too damn sensitive any more

  • jrk

    Go blue, you rock. Love cops!

  • Syd

    Seriously? I can’t count the number of times friends have pointed to say hi…it’s even, at times, a fan able moment…I’ve seen this and done this..with and without dance moves…I truly believe, if we’re honest, many of have done this and have friends who have thing…Even POTUS has done this…get over it!

  • Chuck Poré

    The issue here is a mindset that WANTS to claim rage and injustice. “You” can’t say that “nobody” ever points at someone in a greeting … because I do. I posted last week about an experience with another driver displaying a homemade sign with a message very critical to me. Just as I do in person, I pointed at him. And then I gave a thumbs up and mouthed a Thank You. He returned the kindness. The actions of the Officer regarding the raking of the lawn speaks so much more clearly to his heart. And I too have to agree the whole thing feels a set up. Knowing the Officer always points in saying his hello … you stand at the ready.

    Hey … USA … We’re Better Than This!

    • Gene Splicer

      Some of us are better than this.

  • Rupert Bauer

    It also had to be a set up. The event would take seconds. There would not be enough time for the person to wave, get the response, determine it was threatening, get his camera ready and take the picture before the officer stopped doing it. – Doubt it, wave at a stranger, and if they acknowledge you, then get your camera out and take a picture. (Don’t have it ready).

    • Rosemary Martin

      I wish I read your post, I think the same thing and wrote it above, I agree with you, it was a set up.

  • Jack Reilly

    The thin BLUE line, God bless all of you, no matter how you GREET people…….stay safe.

  • Jack Reilly

    As a matter of fact, I feel threatened, just by this ass wipes complaint/post.

  • bundynike13

    Hope his department backs him up on this non issue…maybe they need “safe spaces” in that community…And good job officer with helping with the rakes…#stopplayingvictim #backtheblue…

  • Kris Dochterman

    This the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard!!

  • Todd Miller

    I need some help. I’m a middle class, middle aged, conservative, Christian white male, former Marine, retired cop and I need to find something to be insulted or threatened by so I can join the rest of America’s oppressed classes. Any ideas? No, I do not suffer from white privilege. That was taken away from me in boot camp where we were all equally useless.

  • JickyOne

    I am just getting so damn black everything weary.

    • ghostinrags

      I’ve been saying that for years, but I’m a racist in their opinion. Want to see the value of black lives? Check out the ‘hood, where we white folk “force” then to be. Look at the prisons, where we white folk “cage” them. We white crackers are plumb evil, aren’t we. And they wonder where actual racism comes from…

  • Susan Cadwell

    When will people learn that 99.9% of the time what they perceive to be personal is not! The officer wasn’t threatening her and why the City, police department and commissioners are giving this even a second of their time is pathetic. Stop this sort of insanity – everyone wants to be a victim. Thanks Obama.

  • Chuckster Alberto

    can people just take the time from being STUPID and playing the victim role

  • Chuckster Alberto

    Terri Walker needs to stop taking up valuable time and take her circus act on the road. President Obama does it and its ok but when a white officer does it then its intimidate. terri walker go get a life

  • Rosemary Martin

    I do think this was a set up for the officer. Seems like the person who took the picture was ready to do so? It is my thought that the person claiming the officer made him feel threatened knew how the office greeted people an he made sure his camera was at the ready when he waved at the officer, knowing he would greet him by pointing his finger. This man had his camera ready to take the picture, if he used a phone, it takes a second to load the camera, if he use a real camera, he had it ready because he set the officer up. This is my humble opinion.

  • Patsy R

    WTH is wrong with people anymore. You complain about a wave of acknowledgement that has been done for sometime and now the entire world is supposed to be just as offended as you? Really???? I’m offended that they are offended. Keep your so called “feeling threatened” complaints to yourself. You’re hogging up the airwaves with your crap. GO BIG BLUE!!! We’re behind you 100%

  • Texan1st

    Funny how some are given a pass from these folks.

    • Texan1st

      Careful now, Hillary. She might get offended.

  • Texan1st

    “Back off, buddy. My finger is loaded!”

    • Texan1st

      “….and so is my wife’s.”

  • Texan1st

    Hillary bringing the double barrels.

  • Texan1st

    Is he suicidal?

  • David E Brown

    The people making these claims have no interest in the truth. This is blown way out of any resemblance of reality. Its a formula we are all becoming intimately familiar with. I see it alot now. I would be willing to bet you could find it documented some where in BLM literature