Arrest Made In Murder Of Charlotte Protester Justin Carr

Justin Carr's killer was arrested.

Justin Carr’s (pictured) killer was arrested.

Arrest Made In Murder Of Charlotte Protester Justin Carr

Charlotte, NC – Early Friday morning Rayquan Borum, 21, was arrested by Charlotte Police in the shooting death of protester Justin Carr. Borum has been charged with murder.

Police Chief Kerr Putney stated “our crime scene investigators and our homicide detectives were able to use a lot of footage. A real time crime center was able to supply footage from cameras that helped us solve that case.”

The Charlotte Observer reports Borum has an extensive criminal record, having previously been convicted for theft,  breaking and entering, and has two pending weapons charges.

Despite the evidence of an actual bullet in Carr’s head, many agitators are claiming that police killed Carr by shooting him with a rubber bullet. These agitators are saying “I was there” and insist that the arrest is a police cover-up.

Justin Carr, 26, was murdered while protesting the recent shooting death of an armed black man, Keith Scott, by a black police officer. The shooting occurred during the second night of violent protests that erupted in Charlotte. The shooting was initially reported by Ross Bulla, a security expert, who heard the shot and rushed to provide first aid.

Borum’s arrest came as protests began to calm Thursday during week a riddled with violence.  As a result of the violence seen Tuesday and Wednesday night, police officers and National Guard members were injured. Countless stores were looted, windows were broken and Interstate 85 was shut down by the “protesters” as they stole from trucks and burned their loot in the road.

Even Ken E. Nwadike Jr., also known as “the free hugs guy”, showed up in Charlotte during the protests to spread his message of peace. The “protesters” weren’t too happy. Nwadike attempted to calm the protesters without success.