Justin Bieber Reveals His Attitude Towards Police When Confronted With A Room Full Of Deputies

Justin Bieber spent time with Orange County Sheriff's Deputies over the weekend.

Justin Bieber spent time with Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies over the weekend.

Justin Bieber Hangs Out With Orange County Sheriffs Deputies

There has been a love-hate relationship between law enforcement and super-celeb Justin Bieber since the young singer gained prominence as a mega pop star. But love and the aroma of fresh coffee were in the air at a Mission Viejo California Saturday night.

According to TMZ, a few Orange County Sheriffs deputies were in line and about to order their caffeinated drinks when they noticed a high end Lamborghini pull in to the parking lot. Much to their surprise, the car was driven by none other than Justin Bieber himself.

The Bieber, who had reportedly been busy causing a stir with certain Grammy Awards attendees, apparently decided to take a coffee break and head to the local coffee shop, coming face to face with the group of men and women in uniform.

Justin Bieber, breaking his self-imposed ban on photos with fans, stood and took several pics with the deputies, even waiting until more arrived to get photos with them as well. He talked with deputies for about 15 minutes before picking up their tab, leaving a $10 tip for the baristas and disappearing back into his life of stardom.

Justin Bieber taking pictures with Orange County deputies.

Justin Bieber taking pictures with Orange County deputies.

In May, Bieber proclaimed that because he was asked to take so many photos with fans that he felt like a “zoo animal”, he would stop accommodating them. But that wasn’t the case on Saturday.

Although he’s been arrested multiple times, and his music has even been used by cops to threaten drunk drivers, it seems that Bieber may have realized that if you can’t beat the law, you might as well respect it, as well as the men and women who enforce it.

We’re hoping young Justin Bieber is maturing, has turned the page on his somewhat troubled past, and that he can be added to the growing list of celebrities who openly support the men and women in law enforcement.

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