Julien Rodriguez Evicted After Blasting Anti-Police Song At A NYPD Officer’s Funeral

Julian Rodriguez was evicted after blasting an anti-police song during a murdered hero's funeral.

Julian Rodriguez was evicted after blasting an anti-police song during a murdered hero’s funeral.

Julien Rodriguez Played ‘F Tha Police’ At NYPD Funeral, Now Is Looking For A New Place To Live

New York City, NY – Julien Rodriguez, the Bronx teenager who blasted the cop-killing ‘F- Tha Police’ song at a murdered NYPD officer’s funeral, has been kicked out of his apartment, the New York Post reported.

The building superintendent said the he ordered the tenant to get rid of Julien Rodriguez, 16, and his older sister, who were staying in the tenant’s third-story apartment. The apartment was near where the memorial service was held and the song could be heard by police.

“I called him and told him [tenant] he needs to take care of this right away,” building superintendent Danny Morales told the New York Post. “I told him it’s disrespectful and they can’t be doing this. The police lost a family member. We all need to come together and respect that.”

The tenant, who wouldn’t identify himself to the newspaper, said the incident wasn’t his fault and called Julien Rodriguez and his sister “lowlifes.”

“They’re gone. The case is closed,” the tenant told the newspaper. “They’re no longer in my house. I don’t know where they went.”

Julien Rodriguez was blasting the anti-police song from his bedroom during the funeral of murdered NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia on July 11. Officer Familia was ambushed and murdered when she was shot in the head while sitting in a vehicle.

The New York Post reported that Rodriguez switched to the rap group NWA’s song anti-police anthem “F- Tha Police” which includes lyrics about “taking out a cop or two” moments before the memorial service was to begin.

The teen’s older sister Suleika Rodriguez said her brother has been threatened over what he did. “I got people on Facebook telling him, ‘You’re wrong,’” she told the New York Post.

“I don’t give a f–,” she told the newspaper. “I already have an apartment. She refused to elaborate.

Julien Rodriguez tried to rationalize his behavior by telling the newspaper that his brother and friend had been killed by the police. But the New York Post couldn’t verify Julien Rodriguez’s claim based on the names he provided the newspaper.