Ferguson Rioters’ $41.5 Million Lawsuit Against Police Dismissed By Federal Judge

Federal Judge Henry Autrey didn't buy into the Black Lives Matter rioter's lies.

Federal Judge Henry Autrey didn’t buy into the Black Lives Matter rioter’s lies.

Ferguson Rioters’ $41.5 Million Lawsuit Against Police Dismissed By Federal Judge

St. Louis, Missouri – A civil rights lawsuit filed by Ferguson rioters claimed that excessive force was used by police, in violation of their civil rights. The judge however, had a different opinion on the matter.

In a ruling last Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Henry Autrey stated that those protesters who filed the suit “have completely failed to present any credible evidence that any of the actions taken by these individuals were taken with malice or were committed in bad faith.”

Autrey further wrote that Ferguson protesters were given ample warning to disperse and multiple warnings from officers before making the arrests. Autrey’s ruling stated that police officers involved were “entitled to official and qualified immunity,” which in turn would make their supervisors and St. Louis County immune to the lawsuit.

Listed in the summary judgement motion Autrey viewed evidence “in the light most favorable” to the plaintiffs finding that “no genuine issue of material fact exists and the moving party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law.” Autrey’s ruling showed that the plaintiffs’ case had no evidence or testimony to back their claim.

Robert Patrick with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, one of the plaintiffs, Tracey White, alleged she and her 17-year-old son were violently arrested inside a Ferguson McDonald’s. She further embellished the story claiming that officers with rifles converged on them “like something out of a movie.” White stated that as she tried to give her son an iPad she was carrying they arrested her son, and as she protested the treatment of her son she too was thrown to the ground and arrested.

White must have forgotten, or not known, that videos actually showed her being arrested a block away from the McDonald’s. “She agreed that video showed an officer placing hand ties on her, and that she was not on the ground, and that there was no knee in her back,” Autrey wrote. “No racial epithets or slurs were used against Tracey White.”

Dwayne A. Matthews Jr. tried to one-up White claiming that as he walked to his mother’s house on August 13th he was shot with rubber bullets, pepper sprayed, beaten and nearly drowned before and after he was restrained. Autrey used Matthew’s own statements that he made to paramedics and hospital staff that night citing they “belie his position.”

Plaintiffs Damon Coleman and Theophilus Green claimed three officers used less-than-lethal projectiles which Autrey found contradicted officers statements who said they weren’t even carrying those weapons.

Autrey also found that other plaintiffs couldn’t even identify officers whom they claimed committed these violations nor were they even hurt during the encounters with police.


The violent rioting in Ferguson was sparked by the justified officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. Shortly thereafter, this massive lawsuit, packed with false claims, was filed.

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