After Vowing To Violate Probation, Judge Astacio Makes It One Day Out Of Jail

Judge Leticia Astacio made it one day without violating her probation.

Judge Astacio made it one day without violating her probation.

Rochester Judge Leticia Astacio Accused Of Violating Probation One Day Out Of Jail

Rochester, NY – Rochester Judge Leticia Astacio is now accused of violating her probation after just one day out of jail.

As part of her probation ordered after a DUI conviction and ignoring court orders, she was sentenced to three years probation which includes a skin alcohol monitoring device.

On July 14, one day after Judge Astacio got out of jail, the alcohol monitor detected the presence of alcohol, according to WHEC.

When asked to explain, she told reporter Kaci Jones, “You know I’m not going to talk to you.”

Her legal team is claiming that the device was set off from alcohol in a foot cream.

The head of the probation department said that when the devices are issued, people must read and sign a list which tells them of certain products, like lotions, that may contain alcohol and that using those products is a violation.

The prosecutor even told the news station that the reading was consistent with drinking alcohol, not lotion.

Judge Leticia Astacio will now have to answer to a judge on Thursday.

Her original conviction began from an incident that occurred on February 13, 2016, when she was arrested by New York State Troopers for drunk driving.  That incident occurred about 8 AM and the judge’s car was involved in a single-vehicle wreck.  She refused to take a Breathalyzer when the troopers asked her to.

On August 22, 2016, Judge Astacio was sentenced to a ‘one-year conditional discharge’ that was continued until March, 2018, after she admitted to two violations of the discharge after drinking alcohol and driving under the influence.

She was back in court in March when she beat four allegations that she had violated the conditions of her sentence: one that she drank alcohol on two separate occasions, and three about her ignition interlock, which will only start if the driver’s alcohol levels are below 0.03%.

Her ignition interlock data showed that there was a reading of 0.0651% on April 29, 2017.

Judge Astacio claimed that her daughter had driven, and that the reading was hers.  It is not illegal for someone to drive a car that has an ignition interlock that is for someone else.

Judge Aronson ordered her to take a urine test to determine if there were byproducts of alcohol, but she didn’t take the test, because she was allegedly “in Thailand living with monks.”

Before she was sentenced, Judge Leticia Astacio spoke for more than 20 minutes about how she has done everything that the court had asked and more, according to Democrat & Chronicle.

She whined about the news media’s portrayal of her, saying that reporters are painting an inaccurate picture of her case. She complained that the media is focusing on her crime, rather than reporting on her being a good mother.

“If you Google my name you’ll find these stories,” she said. “The media is trying to break me.”

Over the course of the twenty minutes she complained about everything that she’s been through since committing her crime.

Judge Stephen Aronson wasn’t buying into any of her whining.

“You are not being punished for being a good mother. You are not being punished for having people in this community support you.” Judge Aronson emphasized, “Nowhere in your presentation did I hear one word of remorse or contrition for the acts that you were found guilty of!”

Judge Aronson went on, “You give me the impression that you are disregarding the judicial system and disregarding your responsibilities under it. You were ordered to perform a drug test, and you didn’t!”

Judge Stephen Aronson then sentenced Judge Leticia Astacio to the maximum jail sentence of 60 days, plus three years probation, and a skin alcohol monitoring device for six months at her expense.

Obviously not picking up on the hint, Judge Astacio’s attorney told Judge Aronson that Astacio wanted straight jail time, and didn’t want probation.

“What she wants, Mr. Young, is irrelevant.” Judge Aronson responded. “She will be sentenced to probation. She will be having someone monitor her in the future.”

Her attorney then laid it all out, saying that Judge Astacio was going to refuse to comply with her probation and she would violate it the moment that she’s put on probation, and then they would just come back to court.

“Then we will come back.” Judge Aronson concluded.

Judge Astacio’s daughter yelled out, “F**k you Judge Aronson,” and had to be removed from the courtroom.

Judge Astacio was elected as a Democrat in 2014 for a ten-year term.  She worked as a prosecutor for a time in 2009 in the Driving While Intoxicated Bureau of the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office.

She continues to collect her annual salary of $173,700.

You can see the video of her sentencing below:

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