Man Who Said He Had Been Stabbed Because Of ‘Neo-Nazi Haircut’ Is Arrested For Lying

Joshua Witt was arrested for filing a false police report.

Joshua Witt was arrested for filing a false police report.

Joshua Witt Arrested After Filing False Police Report

Sheridan, CO – A man who claimed he was stabbed because he looked like a Neo-Nazi was arrested on Thursday, August 24, after admitting that he had lied to police.

Joshua Witt, age 26, told Sheridan police on August 16 that a black male in his 20’s came up to him outside of the Sheridan Steak n’ Shake restaurant, and asked “Are you one of them neo-Nazis?”

He said the man tried to stab him, and that he received a defensive wound to his hand while trying to stop him. Witt said the man ran off afterwards, according to KJRH.

Witt also posted his story on Facebook, along with photos of his wound.

He claimed that his haircut, which has been adopted by many white nationalist, may have gotten him stabbed.

The Sheridan Police Department began an investigation based on Witt’s report, which included looking at surveillance video.

Police detectives reviewed the video, and never saw a black male running from that area.  During the investigation, they also discovered a ‘transient’ man who lived chose by, who matched the description.  They interviewed him, and ruled him out as a suspect.

Police then reviewed additional surveillance video from a nearby sporting goods store.  That video, however, showed that Witt had bought a small knife just minutes before the alleged attack.

Detectives confronted Witt on Thursday, and he admitted that he had lied.  Witt told police that he had accidentally cut himself with the knife, and then fabricated the story about being attacked.

Joshua Witt was arrested and is now being charged with one count of a false reporting to authorities.