New Video Shows Joshua Beal Pointing Gun At Police

Joshua Beal can be seen pointing a gun prior to being shot.

Joshua Beal can be seen pointing a gun prior to being shot.

New Video Shows Joshua Beal Pointing Gun At Police

Chicago – Black Lives Matter is outraged that another black man was shot, claiming that it was an unprovoked shooting. However, video evidence shows just how justified the shooting was.

Saturday afternoon 25-year-old Joshua Beal was leaving the funeral of a friend who was murdered in Chicago. Reports state that he stopped his vehicle in front of a fire station and an off duty firefighter told him that he was illegally blocking the fire house. Beal exited the car and a physical altercation took place.

An off-duty Chicago police sergeant on his way to work saw the disturbance and walked over to assist. As the sergeant approached Beal, he noticed the man had a gun in his hand.

New evidence was released today though showing Beal possibly holding a gun and pointing it at police. In the cell phone video below, we slowed it down to show the part where Beal was pointing a gun. A few seconds later, more than 10 shots could be heard.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson stated:

At that time, a subject displayed a weapon, an off duty CPD sergeant was on his way to work in uniform observed the subject. At that time shots were fired, and the subject was fatally struck

The family of Joshua Beal has a different story. They say that the officer cut them off in an unmarked patrol car and both parties exited their vehicles. They also stated that Joshua Beal did not pull out a gun and fire it, did not provoke police, and that the officer “shot him two times in the back and three times in the front”.

The Independent Police Review Authority released this official statement:

“IPRA investigators are in talks with several eye witnesses and are taking steps to authenticate the videos and images that have been widely circulated. While it is still very early in the investigation we can confirm that early ballistic evidence suggests multiple firearms were discharged. It is our hope that people will wait until all evidence is brought to light before making any conclusions about what happened yesterday evening”

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