Jessica Disu: ‘We Need to Abolish the police, period’

Black Lives Matter activist, Jessica Disu, went on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” to lay out her brilliant solution to make the world a better place, “We need to abolish the police, period.”

(Fox News):

“We need to abolish the police, period. Demilitarize the police, disarm the police, and we need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice.”

Host Megyn Kelly asked Jessica Disu “Who’s going to protect the community if we abolish the police?”

“We need to come up with community solutions. The police force in this country began as slave patrol.”

That’s right; apparently we all started as the slave police. Police departments must have just hired a branding company to give them a quick make-over, and then modern policing was born.

Black Lives Matter isn’t just about social reform, they are also about history reform. The problem.that they face is that the facts don’t support their position. Black Lives Matter can’t use facts, because facts have a well-known police bias. When you need to push forward a manufactured movement and the facts don’t support you, then you just need to make up new facts that actually reflect your position.

Tactics like these are common in politics, but few groups are doing it as effectively as Black Lives Matter, even though Black Lives Matter can’t keep their lies straight.

The following is an excerpt from nationally renowned forensic criminologist Ron Martinelli, Ph.D.’s new book “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police“:

BLM’s false assertion that police kill a black man every 28 hours doesn’t even reconcile using their numbers. There are approximately 1,251 28-hour periods in the four-year period from 2009 through 2012. That is presumably how many black males would have been killed by police during this period if the BLM movement’s claim were true. However, 32.2% of 1,491 deaths is 480 deaths. So, the “every 28 hours” claim is off by a whopping 250%.

If Jessica Disu wants to get rid of the police and replace them with “community solutions,” what is stopping her from implementing these community solutions while the police are still in place? Is the existence of law enforcement somehow making her magical solutions impossible to accomplish?

I guess that it’s easy to blame the police boogeyman for stopping you from accomplishing anything when you’re dedicating yourself to a movement with baseless claims.