Officer Cleared In Jesse Beshaw Shooting, Video Released

jesse beshaw shooting

Video Released and Officer Cleared In Shooting of Jesse Beshaw

Franklin County, Vermont – Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy Nicolas Palmer has been cleared from shooting Jesse Beshaw. Watch the intense video below.

On Friday September 16th, 2016 officers reported that they observed Jesse Beshaw driving around Winooski, Vermont. It was known to the officers that Beshaw had several felony warrants. Based off of recent investigations of Beshaw, officers were also aware that he sometimes carried a gun. Three Winooski Officers along with Franklin County Sheriff Deputy Nicolas Palmer approached the house that Beshaw was reportedly last located. All of their body cameras were turned on before the incident happened.

Deputy Palmier, who is wearing the body camera in the video below, approached the home and Officer Brenda Davis advised him that Breshaw was inside the house. Beshaw had multiple warrants for burglaries and was known to carry a gun. While Palmier was speaking to another officer on perimeter, Beshaw ran out of the house in an attempt to flee from police. Deputy Palmier pursued Beshaw on foot for over a minute before Beshaw stopped and turned towards the deputy.

Palmier stated several times “I will shoot you, show me your hands.” Beshaw refused to take his hand away from the right side of his body and approaches Palmier very aggressively while yelling “do it, do it”. Beshaw failed to comply. Deputy Palmier then fired several shots, killing Beshaw. Palmier stated that before firing, he heard Beshaw say “I’ll pull a gun out”.

Deputy Palmier gave Beshaw several chances to surrender peacefully before firing his weapon. Beshaw was struck 6 times, all to his head and chest. It was later revealed that Beshaw was not armed at the time of the shooting.

Yesterday state prosecutors confirmed that it was a justified shooting because “a reasonable person in Palmier’s position would have believed he was in danger of being killed or seriously injured”.