Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Walking Dead’s Negan, Posts That ‘Blue Lives Do Matter;’ Then It Gets Ugly

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was called a white supremacist and a Nazi for saying that blue lives matter and all lives matter.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was called a white supremacist and a Nazi for saying that blue lives matter and all lives matter.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Gets Called A Nazi For Supporting All Lives

On Tuesday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor who is known most recently for his role as Negan on The Walking Dead, posted a photo to Facebook and Instagram which shows him wearing a Thin Blue Line Flag Shirt.

Along with the shirt he posted the story about how he got the shirt from the mother of a murdered police officer, and stated that “blue lives do matter” along with “all lives matter,” which promptly resulted in backlash because people are awful.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan posted the image on Tuesday with the following message:

Dear assholes. Blue lives do matter. Can’t believe I need to explain to you this fact. All lives matter. All of em.

This shirt was made in response to the cold blooded murder of two GOOD cops in NY, both that had immigrated to the US, and took an oath to protect and serve.

This shirt was given to me at a convention by a woman, who’s son, was shot during what was a routine traffic stop. He was black.

I’m so tired of mean people. People who wake up in the morning, and I think, just sit behind the safety of their computers… anonymously… and start shit. Grow the fuck up.

The world has enough horrible things going on right now without your petty bullshit. Speaking of cops… I’d like to commend those in blue that saved countless lives in vegas. Those first responders saved hundreds… if not thousands. So you trolls…. go crawl under the rock in which you came. GOOD PEOPLE MATTER. You? Don’t.

Of course, saying that blue lives matter and all lives matter is going to be misinterpreted (often intentionally) to mean that the lives of black people don’t matter.

Unfortunately, 2017 is the year of Antifa, where people don’t just lie to others, they lie to themselves and alter facts in their mind to fit a political ideology. Anybody who disagrees with that ideology is deemed a white supremacist Nazi; and that’s exactly what people called Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

After a few hours of being hounded on social media, he edited his message to say this:

Hey folks, I’m gonna delete this thing. God knows it’s out there anyway. I stand behind the sentiment… but, what was meant as one thing has been taken as another.

I understand those that are upset… and to those people I apologize. Of course black lives matter. I stand behind that. Always have. My point.. Calling me a nazi for wearing this shirt, that was given to me by a cops grieving mother at a con? She wasn’t trying to undercut BLM. Nor was I when I put it on… that’s a promise.

This country means the world to me. The good people in it mean the world to me… the ones looking for a fight around every corner? Racists? Bullies? They don’t.

We are a country divided and its getting scarier everyday. Everyone means something.

Good people are needed. Now more than ever. I shall take better care in wording when posting opinions… but opinions? We all have em, and are entitled to them. I appreciate the ones on here that have been thoughtful responses… the ones that are filled with more hate…. let’s block eachother forever shall we?

It’s gotten very tricky to say things that are politically correct that everyone agrees on. We can be offended by thoughts or opinions that we weren’t offended by yesterday. So again, my apologies to you. Ok, let me navigate this mine field a bit before I try again. All my best. Jd

  • jennifer 0.2

    2017 is the year of “The American Carnage”.

    • Rockhound6165

      Were you asleep through Obama’s presidency?

  • JBo

    “Good People Matter”. I like that!

  • Brooklyn Born

    I was with him until he backpedaled on the BLM terrorists…

    • Betts700

      Amazing what threats, intimidation, and the politically correct can do to a person, isn’t it!

      • Brooklyn Born

        That’s all they ever have…there’s never any substance…Just jackboots on our throats for noticing the 800 lb gorilla.

    • BigDogKahuna

      Same here. And then he caved.

  • AuteursRevenge


    • Pushed to the limit


      • AuteursRevenge

        Not to Paddock they didn’t.

        • Jim Trent

          I keep reading your stupidity as “where’s my bottle! Change my diaper!”

          • AuteursRevenge

            White on white crime is a huge problem in this country.

          • Jim Trent

            Nice try little dancing bear. Only the uneducated would believe that. White people based on racial demographics commit less crime than black people. Even when not figuring in racial percentages black people still are responsible for over half of all murders. Someone dies you can flip a coin and it is about the same chance it is a black person. Amazing since they are such a small percentage of the total population. If you want to limit crime to the ones that commit it most which is male 14-40 oh shit black males are the supreme rulers in every category.

            Come on, earn a scooby snack by saying something truthful or give some real data.

    • rambo jones

      If they do … why do black people kill their own so much?

      • AuteursRevenge

        why did Paddock kill so many white people?

        • Josie

          Deflecting the question always works so well. That way you don’t have to answer something you don’t care about!

        • Jim Trent

          Oh how cute, you have one thought in those 2 brain cells and you keep repeating it hoping it will mean something relevant. Tell you what snowflake, when you find white people whining like little bitches like BLM does then you can come talk to us about that. Right now it is only a few snowflakes that whine like BLM does.

          • AuteursRevenge

            That was a lot of white on white crime. ijs.

          • Jim Trent

            Nowhere near the same proportions of black crime based off racial percentages. White people are 6 times more than black people and yet they commit less crime per demographic. Black people are immensely over represented in crime. In fact they are 400% over represented in Murder, 200% in ALL crime and 300% in ALL violent crime. But if you want to look at raw numbers and say white people have more crime that is true since the make up 77% of the population. But guess what clueless cupcake? That shoots BLM and their stupidity because if you want to say whites have more crime by raw numbers then we get to look at police shootings by raw numbers and ahhh…Look at that blacks are shot far less than white people.

            If you want to get owned in the discussion pick a view of negative topics either by raw numbers or racial demographic percentages. I have them all figured out and ready to go for twits like you. I keep it saved on an excel spreadsheet after I researched all the numbers for single parent home, welfare, crime, etc. By raw numbers white people will always be more due to outnumbering every other race in this country but then that shatters BLM lies. If we want to look at it from a racial demographics then yes black people are shot more but then they excel in every negative category using that same view. It is funny how BLM and other libtards want to look at just cop shootings by percentages but ignore every other aspect and want to use raw numbers.

            So come on my dancing chihuahua, show me what you got. If you don’t come back with actual data I will just laugh at you as the little dancing dog who has entertained me for a minute and then move on. I will give you some scooby snacks if you do well. I was unsure if I wanted to say dancing monkey/chihuahua because I don’t know if you are male/female, white/black/hispanic but I figured if you were black and I said monkey your little pinhead would explode. Hispanics aren’t as butthurt about jumping to racist conclusions as black people.

            Speaking of which, isn’t it funny how black people say who racist white people are but hispanics as a whole dislike black people far more than white people dislike black people. My wife is from Mexico and when I go to her family get togethers and there are about 100 Mexicans from family and neighborhood and I am the only white boy, they certainly don’t like black people much. And that has been the same thing I have observed all through my life, especially growing up in Baltimore. When at the rec center we would have pickup games and it was always every race except black on one team and black people on the other. Never shall they mix and the games always ended in fights. When we had pickup games with just every race but black people games almost never ended in fights. It did happen but not often.

          • AuteursRevenge

            k, well one of you just killed 58 of you in 11 minutes so…

          • Jim Trent

            So? And BTW window licker are you an alien? Because if you would have at least been a little informed, which you clearly are not, you would have known that it looks like every ethnicity/color was in that shooting. Black, asian, white, hispanic, etc. So what part of you people were you referring to? Damn, you libtards are so easy to prove to be retarded.

          • AuteursRevenge

            Nah, it’s a fact. Angry white men are the single reason most mass shootings happen in America. Ask Adam Lanza, or Dylan Roof or Steven Paddock.

          • Jim Trent

            And yet black people still kill the most people. I guess you could say that black people aren’t smart enough to think up something other than let’s drive by and shot at them. Who says black people don’t work hard? They are only 13% yet are responsible for over 50% of murders.

            Anyway, you want to slice it, black people kill more. Thank God they aren’t the 77%, if they were they would be killing people at the rate of around 17,000 a year. Well, home slice, it’s been fun laughing at you but you have gotten boring. So if you need to entertain yourself go ahead and post away. I won’t see it because I am turning off this thread so you will only be talking to yourself. Which sounds like something you do on a daily basis.

            It’s been fun laughing at you not being smart enough to come up with anything to prove your point other then DUH! A couple white people shot more than one person. While a lot of black people shot more than all of that one at a time.

          • AuteursRevenge

            nope, again. It’s historical fact. Europeans are more murderous, savage and brutal than any other ethnic group period. Check out your boy Christoper Columbus, lol. How many Taino people did he slaughter all because they didn’t have gold? How many first nations people have been decimated all because of…uh…manifest destiny lolololol, keep reaching white devil. Satan is coming for you.

          • AuteursRevenge

            you people also like underage sex for some reason, why is that? I mean John Edgar Rust was already a demented sexual deviate but I guess that wasn’t far enough…it’s always white people

    • TedStyle

      No one likes this stupid crap anymore

    • Sandy Wolf

      Then why the hell are you killing each other? Why the hell do you call each other the N word? Black lives only matter to you when it’s convenient. If you really cared about the black people of this country, you would be trying to put a end to all the killings that go on in Chicago night after night, you would try to put a end to the gangs that roam your neighborhoods destroying them and making them into ghettoes, you would go to D.C. and ask President Trump to help you. But until you start caring for all the Black people of this country no one is going to give a damn about you or your world.

      • AuteursRevenge

        well why didn’t you stop Paddock then?

        • RickHarley

          So why aren’t you talking about this BLACK man that was shot there and became a hero…or is that the problem…he was an actual hero and helped save victims of all races? You are nothing…a shit stain…and a hypocrite. You have no viable or substantial arguments or points to make. This makes you a mumpsimus and a blatherskite. Run along little racist….you mean zilch.

        • Jim Trent

          Because you don’t hear us whining like little bitches when a cop shoots a white criminal (even though white people are shot more than black people and commit less crime overall by demographic)

          • AuteursRevenge

            you should focus more on the bigger issue which is obviously white on white crime.

          • Jim Trent

            Yeah, let’s not worry about black people being 13% of the population but responsible for 52% of ALL murders. Let’s not mention that they are also responsible for 27% of ALL crime or 38% of ALL violent crime. But yeah let’s talk about white people which make up 77% of the population only being responsible for 45% of ALL murder or 68% of ALL crime. Hell, if blacks were the 77% we would probably see them responsible for 100% of ALL crime if their crime statistics were to stay the same.

            But since I don’t believe it is a black/white thing but a liberal/conservative thing and liberals are responsible for most crime/murder that if it was ALL black conservatives the crime rate would be low. It just so happens that the majority of black people have deepthroated the plantation philosophy of dimwitocrats. Look at the black majority cities and you will see that they have almost all black people (who are dimwitocrats) in charge and they have the highest crime rates and corrupt politicians.

          • AuteursRevenge

            I’m more worried about the large percentage of angry white men shooting elementary school kids and movie goers and country music attendees en mass. I mean really, why did you let that evil evil WHITE man shoot up those babies at Sandy Hook and do nothing about it? This is why your community is dysfunctional now.

          • Jim Trent

            Oh how cute, you want to limit your “anger” to limited categories that will make your opinion look good. Hmmm in one month black people kill enough people to equal the Las Vegas shooting. So in other words black people have about 12 Las Vegas shootings every year.

            But I am all for taking guns away from the groups that are the most dangerous. Guess what cupcake? That is democrats. I have said it before that I am OK with guns being taken away from anyone who votes democrat and you will see an immediate decrease in gun crimes.

            I have suggested that to gun snatching libtards and guess what? They come back with that is illegal and against the Constitution. That’s right, you libtards think it is legal to take everyone’s guns but say take just dimwitocrats guns and OMG, it is against the Constitution. No one has ever accused libtards of being smart.

        • gunslinger97

          Typical moronic response. I bet you were pretty proud of yourself for that one.

          • AuteursRevenge

            I bet Paddock is pretty proud of himself.

          • gunslinger97

            He is dead. Too bad you aren’t…yet

  • Medusa

    Blue lives do matter!! I respect him for wearing the shirt and standing up for what he believes in.

  • Common Non-Sense

    Ni66ers gonna be Ni66ers… can not fix stupid … you can kill it but there is no fix

  • Rockhound6165

    They should just come out and say it. Only black lives matter. Of course black lives only matter when they’re killed by white cops. The thousands killed every year by gang violence don’t matter even when some of the victims are little children.

    • Kristin Austin

      I’d love to see the riots and protests here in Milwaukee when it’s a black on black crime. Which it almost always is!! They don’t care about BLACK LIVES. They just care where it fits their “cause”

    • Mike Malito

      They cry when black cops do the shooting, too. I guess if you’re a cop, no matter the background, you’re considered white to these imbeciles.

      • tiredofit

        I think their term for upstanding, intelligent, successful black people is Uncle Tom

        • Betts700

          Sad isn’t it! That these people call black educated people an ” uncle Tom”!

      • Betts700

        Unfortunately, color doesn’t matter when your a cop to these thugs.

    • Jim Trent

      They did a study and concluded that black cops are 4 times more likely to shoot someone than white cops. So we can make BLM dreams come true by banning black cops. 🙂 It will be a bittersweet win for them 🙂 I said that before and of course get called a racist and told that is illegal. I said so you really aren’t worried about black lives then since you have an easy fix right in front of you and you reject it

  • libsmakemelaugh

    eff. BLM

  • tiredofit

    Before long being called a Nazi supremacist will be the same as being called a racist (meaningless). Nobody cares anymore when the race card is played because it is played out.

    • Jim Trent

      Yep, people are expecting to be called it as soon as they disagree with snowflakes. It is getting to be like a trophy which means you won. 9 out of 10 times nothing was said about race/sex or anything like that until a libtard starts speaking and then it’s followed up by racist when you comment on it.

      • Betts700

        To the Looney liberals……all whites are racist! I think whites have been promoted from racists to white supremacists! But, I don’t think whites deserve this honor all alone. We are not alone…….there are as many black racists and black supremacists.

    • Carolynda Thompson

      Amen to the washed out race card.

  • Gobby Cow


  • Amelia Ludwig

    He should not apologize because.# Blue lives matter.# White lives matter.# Indian lives matter.#Hispanic lives matter#Black lives matter. And any other race I may have missed.But let’s don’t forget what matters most of all we we’re once not so divided, we were all equal and we are still equal’s we just need to start living that way again.And as my my last but most important thought please don’t forget that.# MILITARY LIVES MATTER !!!!

  • Russell Berryman

    It would have been easier JD if you would have told them all “if you don’t like it fuck you!!”

  • Peekin-In

    He caved………how horribly sad he is not to stand by what he said. He did say all lives matter but he is probably looking at “ratings” and approval so he can hang onto an acting job. How disappointing.

  • Warren Zeigler Sr.

    Christ died for all. God makes the rain fall on all. The value of a/any/every soul is great in the sight of God.

  • Liz

    He doesn’t need to apologize for his opinion, it’s refreshing to hear a celebrity stand up for the good folks that protect us all. I also understand why he seemed to back up a little bit, he appeared to be very upset at first then felt he should have worded it a little differently. I’m glad he wore the shirt and stood up for the Blue….

  • Concerned Dad

    I wish people would stop desecrating the Flag.

    • Highest common denominator

      yeah. the blue lives matter flag is an absolute abomination.

  • LucienCordier

    He’s a leftie scumbag. I hope his cretinous erstwhile comrades hound him out of a job. Maybe it’ll teach him a lesson.

  • R Kirkland

    Don’t backpedal due to political correctness or racial pressure. You were correct in your first statement that “ ALL LIVES MATTER”.

  • Vorenus

    I’ve already banned the Walking Dead and it’s spinoffs in my house due to his mouth and cussing out Trump not long ago.

    Despite being new to the show he does represent it either in spirit or contractually.

    In either case there is plenty to watch on TV these days and I refuse to watch people disloyal to reasonable authority.

    Just because their side of the debate is weak they have to rant, scream and yell obscenities when they don’t win.