Jeffrey Cave Holding Gun At Side Is Able To Shoot First, Two Officers Shot

Jeffrey Cave Commits Suicide By Cop

Officers encounter Jeffrey Cave armed with a gun during a search warrant.

Jeffrey Cave Holding Gun At Side Is Able To Shoot First, Two Officers Shot

Kingman, Arizona – On Thursday, a team of Bullhead City Police officers in full tactical gear confronted Jeffrey Cave, who was holding a gun down at his side. Despite the numerous officers who already had their sights on Cave, he still managed to shoot two of the officers before they could react and return fire.

Bullhead City Police were conducting a search warrant at the residence of Jeffrey Cave, 53, near Miami Avenue and Stockton Hill Road.The officers were searching for a stolen firearm. The team of officers approached the door of the home and announced themselves. Jeffrey Cave then came to the door with a firearm in-hand.

After officers gave Jeffrey Cave many repeated orders to drop the gun, Cave pointed the weapon towards the officers and shot two of the officers. A quick exchange of gunfire occurred, during which Jeffrey Cave was killed. Detective Dennis Gilbert was critically wounded but is now in stable condition after coming out of surgery.

A second officer was also shot, but his body armor saved him from injury. BCPD’s Emily Fromelt advised, “Lieutenant James Brice, 58, had one bullet pass through his clothing; however, he was not injured. The officers involved were wearing tactical ballistic body armor and gear during the search warrant.”

One can’t help but point out the similarities between this case and the recent officer-involved shooting a Keith Scott in Charlotte. Scott confronted officers while holding a pistol at his side. Keith Scott also refused repeated orders or drop his gun. Charlotte Police Officer Brentley Vinson finally shot Scott after giving him every chance to surrender and perceiving him as an immediate threat to the lives officers on-scene.

After the outcry of people who claimed that Keith Scott was not a threat, because his gun was at only his side, Donut Operator made a video demonstrating how quickly somebody can fire from their side. Unfortunately, Jeffrey Cave demonstrated the same concept by shooting two officers. If a suspect with a gun at their side decides to shoot, it’s not possible for officers to react before the suspect gets a shot off:

This video also emphasizes how dangerous suicidal people are. Another claim by police agitators is that suicidal people are not dangerous because they only want to hurt themselves. Many officers have been shot by suicidal people who were trying to provoke law enforcement into killing them; the Jeffrey Cave shooting is just one more example.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Detective Dennis Gilbert and his family.

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  • Greg Brown

    Who is the idiot officer that told the other officers to wait, lets taze him. What a total dumbass! The suspect has a weapon and the officer wants the others on his team to wait and let him get a less than leathal option when the suspect has a leathal option?????? seriously????? What the hell is wrong with that guy!

    • Home’

      The problem is Greg ….. with all the BS going on in this nation right now, officers are second guessing their training for fear of repercussions and reprisals. Its a tough time right now for Law Enforcement. We, as a nation, need to stand beside them, watch their six and pray for them when they get injured protecting us.

      • Carol Morris Rose

        From the looks of the video, they needn’t worry about what BS is going on. The suspect looks white. Or he does in the video anyway. So no one is going to say anything to them. It is only when the suspect is black does all hell break lose.

        • Andre Stringer

          That is why there is only 19 comments here so far instead of 100+

    • Katrina

      It is the PC BS going on in this country that puts the lives of criminals before lives of law abiding citizens and police. We need to get as vocal and active as those backing the criminals — namely Black Lies Matter.

  • Bob Crane

    I’m not a gun guy and didn’t know these things. Your vid at least informed me and I’m sure others. thank you. I have a bad temper and guns have always frightened me because of how quick you can mess up a lot of lives, including your own. So they’re not for me. However, I understand YOUR right to bear arms to protect yourself and your family and I for one am glad you are out there.

    • John J Rouse

      If guns scare you then a lot of us don’t want you to own one. If you ever change your mind, take some fire arm training classes. I keep several strategically located around my house and I CC sometimes.

    • Carol Morris Rose

      Just remember, your rotties are living flesh and blood. There are some things they cannot stop and some things that can stop them.

  • Dave

    BS PC ROE is protecting scumbag criminals not LEOS!

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    After the second command to drop the weapon, he should have been dropped.

  • Dave Ventry

    This is why I support officers.if you don’t want to be shot don’t break the law

  • Vic

    Unwise to ever second guess a suspect. Simple: obey the first time or be shot.

  • digimn

    Not in every case of course, but in so many including this one It seems that a K9 officer would really make the difference.

  • Mobey Dick

    As much as I defend cops when they do the right thing I bash them when they do the wrong thing. He wasn’t going anywhere or going to be able to destroy anything the best thing would have been backed away and waited him out! No one gets hurt! If he wanted to really harm them he would have shot them through the window! This is a clear case of comply or die!

    • Jimmy

      Oh for goodness sake… They gave him how many chances to drop the gun… Waited it out huh? So then he is barricaded in and no one can see him, making the situation even more lengthy and dangerous? He didn’t want to harm them? Did you miss the part where HE SHOT 2 OFFICERS? I’m sorry, you aim a gun at cops and shoot, that’s the end. All he had to do was put it down.

      • Mobey Dick

        He could have shot every single one of them through the window, or are you too damn dumb to see that?!

        • Jimmy

          No, I’m not dumb. Say he never surenders after the hold up? What then? Someone is going to have to go in no matter what. The point is that officers don’t afford criminals to dictate their terms to the cops. Nor will police allow armed suspects to call the shots. He had many generous chances to drop the weapon. Why do you care that someone that tried to kill officers got shot? You lose all possible sympathy when you aim a gun at the police. If you don’t agree with that then I cant see how you think a society based on law and order is supposed to function.

          • Mobey Dick

            So you give just any ole dumbass the right to point a weapon at you and tell you to drop it! I DON”T REGARDLESS THE CLOWN SUIT THEY MAY WEAR!
            He would have surrendered or starved to death one.
            The officers WERE the aggressors, they had their weapons pointed at him before they even made contact. If I were a criminal I WOULD HAVE SHOT THEM THROUGH THE WINDOW. That is called tactical advantage If I were a criminal I would have used that advantage!

    • Post Purgatory

      How do you know there wasn’t a wife and kids in the house. If you “wait him out” how do you know he’s not going to kill the family and then himself?

  • swizzlecuke

    Thanks for the video and for the explanation. Any rational or intelligent person sees that the shooting of Keith Scott was justified, and these videos prove the point.