Multiple Deputies Assaulted In Jefferson County Work House Break Out

Jefferson County Work House

Multiple Deputies Assaulted In Jefferson County Work House Break Out

Dandridge, TN.–Four inmates escaped a Jefferson County Work House in Dandridge, Tennessee early Friday morning.  Deputies were assaulted and one vehicle was stolen.  Two suspects were apprehended hours later, the last two remained on the run through Friday evening.

Four inmates at the Jefferson County Work House escaped after they assaulted JCSO deputies. Deputies were treating 24-year old inmate Adam Lethco for an injury to his hand when they were assaulted as they exited the cell.  The inmates stole the keys to a sheriff’s vehicle during the altercation.

Volunteer firefighters later spotted the stolen black Chevrolet on a highway near Sevierville.  Local law enforcement were called and one escaped inmate, Jimmy Moore, 22 was arrested.  The other three inmates attempted to rob a convenience store while on the run.  A second suspect, 26-year old Richard Lorenz was located and arrested just before 4a.m.

Matthew Porter, 27, and Lethco remained on the run.  Porter was serving the first of a six-year sentence for reckless endangerment and evading arrest.  At the end of that sentence he was scheduled to be sentenced in Alabama for up to 12 years for violating his probation.  Lethco was serving an eight year sentence for aggravated burglary, theft and vehicle theft.

Porter and Lethco allegedly stole a large flatbed equipments truck in Sevierville County.  They were unaware that the truck was equipped with GPS and authorities were able to trace the truck starting on I-75 in McMinn County.  Bradley County and Hamilton County agencies were called in to attempt to stop the stolen truck at mile marker 16 on I-75 in Bradly County.  The truck did not stop and Tennessee Highway Patrol called in reinforcements.  A chase ensued but THP reports that the suspects were not driving recklessly or at high rates of speed.  The flatbed truck was stopped at mile marker 329 on I-75 after crossing in to Georgia.  The suspects were taken in to custody in Whifield, Georgia on Friday evening.